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Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers

Avoid Thief

Tonneau covers assist in hiding your stuff from would-be thieves. Some covers are as secure as things locked inside your truck, other covers can be slit easily for quick access by a thief; however, Tools, groceries, equipment, and anything else that you store in the bed of your truck will be out of view with any type of tonneau cover.

Protect Against the Elements

Rain, sleet, snow, dirt, dust, and even the sun can cause damage to items you are hauling. Tonneau covers provide a layer of protection

Improve Gas Mileage

The tail gate of an uncovered truck bed acts like a wind sail fighting forward motion and dragging down gas efficiency. Tonneau cover manufactures claim an average savings of 7%
  • Rugged Liner Rugged Liner

    for 15+ years has develop a broad selection of value priced tonneau covers

    • Soft Snap starting at $229
    • Soft Folding starting at $349
    • Hard Folding starting at $699

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  • Truxedo Truxedo

    a leader in the industry with new and innovative tonneau cover concepts that emphasize style, quality, durability and functionality

    • Soft Roll-Up LoPro QT starting at $269
    • Soft Roll-Up Edge starting at $299
    • Soft Roll-Up Xport starting at $299
    • Soft Folding Deuce starting at $359

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  • UnderCover UnderCover

    is the standard for light weight, strong, ABS composite covers.

    • Hard Solid – Classic starting at $699
    • Hard Solid - SE starting at $nnn
    • Hard Solid – SE Smooth starting at $nnn
    • Hard Solid – SwingCase starting at $nnn

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  • PaceEdwards PaceEdwards

    offers high end tonneau line built around a retractable roll-top cover

    • Hard Roll-Top Classic starting at $629
    • Hard Roll-Top JackRabbit starting at $nnn
    • Hard Roll-Top JackRabbit FMJ starting at $nnn
    • Hard Roll-Top Bedlocker starting at $nnn

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