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Leonard Buildings and Truck Accessories was founded over 50 years ago and has over 57 company owned truck accessory service centers in NC, SC, TN, VA, and WV. Like our headquarters hometown of Mt. Airy, NC (thats right, Andy Griffiths Mayberry), we honor the virtues that made this country great: honesty, hard work, and doing it better than the other guy. We recently teamed up with based in Houston, TX and we've relaunched their website under our new ecommerce platform that is brand new in 2018! Learn more about our aquisition of and the website redesign.

ORDER ON-LINE We know that you don't want to order your truck accessory from some distant drop-ship only dotcom who processes your orders by a bunch of folks who have never even driven a truck much less gotten on their back to install a set of step bars. We also know that it is not always convenient to stop by one of our service centers just to check on a price or to see what is new. So we have launched this website to help bridge the gap and offer you products that we know will fit and we know will work.

PRODUCT SELECTION Go to the big box retailer if you want air freshener, but if it is something important for your truck, hard to find, or requires someone with experience to help get it properly installed then come to Leonard. Our 51 stores constantly survey our customers to find out what works and what does not, what's new and interesting and what is tried and true, and what brands offer the right balance between price and performance. Our buyers haggle with suppliers and manufactures so that we can pass along great bulk purchase savings. We spend a lot of time with these relationships so that any quality or fit issues are addressed early and completely.

INSTALLATION EXPERTISE Because we install most of what we sell, our shops are equipped with the right tools and our technicians are diligently trained. Our network of stores works together through teams and communicate in forums to ensure that best practices are used and helpful tips are shared. See the Service & Installation tab for a list of our most common installation services.

SERVICE If you run into trouble with anything we sell, we will help you fix it or get it returned to the manufacture. In some cases, we can replace the accessory on the spot and handle the return for you. In other cases where damage occurs outside of warranty, we can repair the item saving you from having to purchase a replacement. Either way, you will be talking with an expert who does the work. Stop by and visit us and you will be offered a "Free Truck Wash" along with a friendly smile.

Call us at 888.590.7477 or visit our Contact Us page

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