Top 4 Truck Accessories for a Chevrolet Silverado

Are you the proud owner of a shiny Chevrolet Silverado? If so, we’re jealous. But, we also have some recommendations for what truck accessories you should get to really take your new pickup to the next level. With these accessories , your Chevrolet Silverado will be turning heads everywhere you go.

A Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

As with most of our accessory recommendations, we’re going to start off with a tonneau cover. Not just any tonneau cover will do for your new ride, so we suggest a roll-up style from TruXedo, BAK, Extang or Access Cover. These brands are built to last through even the toughest weather conditions. If you’re in a wintery part of the country, you’ll definitely want to invest in a tonneau cover. Keep the snow, ice, and dirt out of your truck bed all winter long. We sell all these amazing roll-up tonneau covers and more that let you easily carry large or awkwardly-shaped cargo while still protecting the rest of the bed. So if you deal with inclement weather, which we all do, or you're just looking for cargo protection and ease of use, then a roll-up tonneau cover is one of your best bets.

Moto Metal Wheels

Any new Chevy Silverado is already a gorgeous specimen of a pickup. However, a Chevy Silverado with Moto Metal rims is what you really need to stand out from the crowd. Not only are Moto Metal Wheels durable, but they also look sick on pickups. Moto Metal has some of the coolest wheels available right now, and all of them would look bada** on a truck like the 2020 Silverado. You can show off with super shine chrome, matte black, or bold red wheels, all cast from a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum. Leonard Truck Accessories gives you a limited lifetime structural warranty and a one-year finish warranty on all Moto Metal Wheels. Most of our wheels are shipped for free, so you can save hundreds of dollars on your purchase. Check out all of the styles of Moto Metal Wheels we have available here: Moto Metal Wheels

An Adjustable Hitch

Chevrolet says that the 2020 Silverado is the most powerful Silverado yet. If that’s what attracted you to this pickup, you must have some big plans. If towing is in those plans, then you need an adjustable hitch. Sure, you could get your typical, run-of-the-mill hitch, but then you’re limited in what you can haul. With an adjustable hitch, you can easily change the height and the ball size without having to remove the hitch from the truck. Investing in one of these bad boys means you can tow your camper, trailer, and boat all without changing the hitch. Making towing with your new 2020 Chevy Silverado easier than ever and impress your friends with how quickly you can unhitch and hitch to a completely different trailer.

A SaltDogg Spreader

The last product we want to recommend to new Chevrolet Silverado owner is a SaltDogg Spreader. For anyone that lives where winter can be brutal, a salt spreader is a must-have. If you own a truck, it’s inherently your duty to help out the people in your neighborhood who have tiny cars. Pickups have no issues with snow, but small cars can find it impossible to get around on icy roads. With a SaltDogg Spreader, you can be their hero and spread salt wherever you go. Salt the lady next door’s driveway, the pub’s parking lot, or anywhere else! SaltDogg Spreaders come in a few different size options to fit the lifestyle of any winter hero. There are also accessories that can make the spreaders work even better and protect your truck. Check out the options here: Snow Removal

We hope you consider investing in some of our recommended accessories for your new Chevrolet Silverado. These are only a few of the many accessories that your pickup would benefit from. We also have seat covers, toolboxes, nerf bars, and more to really deck out your ride. Take a look at all of our Chevy Silverado Accessories and start making your truck stand out. Visit to shop and learn more.

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