Read How a Pickup Truck Saved the day in 3 Different Occasions

Not all heroes wear capes; some are everyday people doing great things with their pickup trucks. Take a look at these three inspiring stories of heroic pickup truck drivers swooping in to save the day!

Heroic Horse Rescue

In Camarillo, CA, pickup truck drivers saved horses from a ranch fire. CB Ranch went up in flames in October, endangering the lives of over one hundred horses. Dozens of neighbors hitched up their pickup trucks with their horse trailers and headed to the burning farm. They loaded as many horses as they could into the trailers and transported them to the Ventura County Fairgrounds. As soon as one load was safely off the trailers, the pickup trucks were driven back to the ranch. The dozens of heroes traveled back and forth over and over again, towing their personal trailers to save the lives of CB Ranch’s horses. By 2 PM, the Fair Ground was at capacity with 110 horses, but efforts continued. Dozens of more horses were transported to the Humane Society of Ventura County and Earl Warren Showgrounds. At the end of the rescue mission, well over 130 horses were saved from the flames thanks to the volunteer efforts of some pickup truck owners with reliable hitches and trailers.

Allyn Pierce Truck Rescue

In 2018, Northern California faced some of the worst wildfires to date. Over 153,000 acres of land were destroyed by the flames, and hundreds of thousands of residents were forced to flee from their homes to find protection. Not everyone was lucky enough to escape the blaze unharmed. Allyn Pierce is a nurse in the ICU of his local hospital and a proud pickup truck owner. Along with his team, Allyn worked in a temporary triage to help those wounded in the fires. The operation was forced to relocate as the flames encroached upon them. Pierce bravely made multiple trips from the old triage to the new location with patients. Each trip put Pierce’s life in danger, but that didn’t stop the brave nurse from rescuing the patients under his care. During one of the trips, Pierce found himself unable to move due to abandoned vehicles on the road. Stuck in the traffic, Pierce wasn’t sure he would make it out. Thankfully, Allyn’s Toyota Tundra sustained heat damaged but kept him and his passengers safe from the flames. They were able to escape because a bulldozer cleared a path by moving the abandoned cars off the roadway. Pierce and his passengers arrived at the new triage safely, but his beloved pickup truck was badly damaged. When news of Pierce’s heroic actions surfaced, Toyota USA gifted him a new (and upgraded) Tundra to replace his old one. To pay homage to the truck that saved his life, Pierce had custom paint added to his pickup to look exactly like the burns his old Tundra sustained.

Pickup Truck Pulls Stuck 18-Wheeler Out of Snow

In St. Louis, Mo, a pickup truck proved exactly how tough it is when it successfully towed an 18-wheeler out of the snow. The 18-wheeler reportedly weighs 30,000 pounds without any load. If you needed proof that pickup trucks are bada** look no further! The owner of the pickup was filmed towing the tractor- trailer truck out of the snowbank it was stuck in. This amazing feat was accomplished only because of the serious hitch this truck was equipped with. The video shows the pickup towing the 30,000+ pound tractor-trailer truck relatively easily. Without a durable and high-quality hitch, the pickup would never have been able to handle the weight of the tractor-trailer. This video goes to show that a powerful truck and the right truck accessories can really come in handy. Pickups aren’t just for show; they are serious workhorses ready to handle whatever you throw at them.

We hope you found these heroic stories inspiring. It seems that with a good pickup truck and the right truck accessories, you can accomplish just about anything. What can you do with your truck? Get your pickup ready to go to work with truck accessories from Leonard’s. We carry all your favorite brands, with products to meet all of your needs Leonard Truck Accessories.

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