Why you Need a Headache Rack

There is an assortment of benefits when it comes to headache racks, not just how awesome they look, but the safety they provide and the usefulness of having one. There are a ton of options for different styles and types of headache racks. Every truck has one that is perfectly designed for its model. So if you’re getting a headache trying to read every forum (no pun intended) and figure out what headache rack is best for you, or even if you really need one- then this article may just be for you.

1. Safety

This is the most obvious benefit of a headache rack. They were built to protect your precious cargo in the bed of your truck. Effectively making sure they don't enter the cabin of your truck. They don’t call it a headache rack for no reason, after all. Headache racks are also helpful with reflecting sunlight and less heat into your cabin, so you can keep your beers cold in the back all day. This popular safety rack by BackRack works on most types of pickup trucks.

safety rack by BackRack

2. Carrying Tools

Many headache racks come with options to carry and equip tools too. If you run out of space on the bed of your truck, the next best place to hang those tools would be on the rack. Most of the models now come with accessible places to hook up cargo to be easily organized and secured.

Carrying Tools

3. Mounting Lights

A headache rack also provides another place to install brake lights, light bars, floodlights, warning lights, and an assortment of other lighting options. These can be used for style or to light up outdoor workspaces. It’s perfect for lighting up the truck of your bed when you’re loading up that fresh kill from deer hunting season at night instead of tripping over it in the dark. The sporty BackRack Original Headache Rack Frame is suited for most pickup truck types and pairs excellent with 6 LEDs 5 Inch Floodlights.

BackRack Original Headache Rack Frame

4. Additional Protection from Break-Ins

One of the major places people break-in when it comes to trucks is in the back window. It usually is the thinnest glass and is an easy point of the entrance when excluding the doors. It also is away from most onlookers. A headache rack prevents that being a place of entre. One headache rack that is sure to keep thieves away is the badass Beast HD Aluminum Headache Rack that we have in stock!

Beast HD Aluminum Headache Rack

5. Powerful Style

When it comes to trucks, one of our most important aspects of it is making sure it looks good. I mean, let's face it, it matters, and it's freakin' awesome. Headache racks come in countless style options and are made of many different materials. Depending on your truck and the look you are going for, there is bound to be an option for you. We have a variety of prominent brands, including Aries, Weatherguard, Backrack, and Highway Products, and more that you can check out here.

Headache Racks

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