10 Reasons to Buy a Access Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover

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Access: Versatile and Sporty

The Access Roll-up Cover is the most asked for tonneau cover! This pickup cover provides you with full use of your truck bed, while giving your truck a sporty look. This product is tested and proven to provide years of service in all four seasons.

The cover opens easily by releasing the AutoLatch and rolling the cover towards the back of the cab, taking the roll-up bar and bows with it. Cover is secured behind the cab with quick release straps.

Closing the cover is an equally simple task. Unbuckle the quick release straps and roll the cover towards the tailgate. Place the roll-up/tensioning bar into the strikes and push down. AutoLatch automatically secures the cover tightly in place. Finally, seal the sides with the reliable hook and loop sealing system.

The Access Roll-up Cover is the most versatile truck accessory you'll ever own and comes with the Premium Cover lifetime warranty


We have developed a patented system that automatically locks when closing the tonneau cover. Best of all, the smooth action of the pull cord gives you an easy release when opening.

Slide Lock

A testimony to our meticulous attention to detail, we offer additional locking protection. A simple sliding action that is pushed to lock and pulled to unlock. This lock works in conjunction with a locked tailgate to give you ultimate security.

Side Sealing System

Our truck bed covers are equipped with a superior Velcro hook & loop system that is incredibly functional. A continuous high strength seal running the full length of the truck box keeps out wind, rain and dirt and yet easily disengages when opening the cover, allowing for a simple one person operation. This practical design is ideal for all weather conditions.

Tight Bite Clamps

8 sturdy aircraft grade aluminum clamps secure your rails to the side of your truck (most short boxes receive 6 clamps). Specially cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip giving these clamps exceptional strength.


In our drive to make our designs better we took our patented EZ-DialTM tension control system and gave it a large oversized grip. The easiest and most effective tension control system on the road just got better.

Front Element Seal

Forming a tight barrier between your truck and cover, the Access Roll-Up Cover offers Element Seal that gives you double protection when combined with our integrated fabric flap. A virtual dam is created at the front holding water at bay and keeping your cargo safe and dry.

Premium Storage

Sometimes subtle design improvements result in major consumer advantages. Building upon our popular Quick Clips, we have added a new cab guard design which not only secures the tonneau cover compactly, but also prevents it from rubbing against the cab.

Slantback Rear Design

Make sure it's the original roll-up cover with our exclusive Slantback Rear Design. *The Slantback Rear Design is a Registered U.S. Trademark of Agri-Cover, Inc.

Easy to Install

Our model specific clamps allow for quick and easy installation. A few models may require drilling.

Easy to Use

Opens in seconds. The Access Roll-Up Cover is as easy to use as it is stylish. The cover opens easily by releasing the AutoLatch and rolling the cover towards the cab, taking the roll-up bar and bows with it, and secures behind the cab with quick-release straps.

Closing the cover is equally simple. To close, unbuckle the quick release straps and unroll the cover towards the end gate until the reflex latch automatically secures it into place. Our patented over-center design allows for the tightest cover on the road. Finally, seal the sides with the reliable hook-and-loop sealing system.

Roll-up bar, bows and cover easily roll out of the way to give you full accessibility to your truck bed.

Accessory Friendly

Compatible with bed rails, bed caps, and tailgate protectors, as well as drop-in under-the-rail and spray on bed liners.

Premium Cover Lifetime Warranty

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