3 Accessories to Maximize your Storage Space

When it’s winter, the last thing you want to do is get out of your warm truck to get something you need. We have great news for you! Leonard Truck Accessories is home to all of the best space-saving interior storage units. These are fantastic for all of you who live where it snows. With these products, you can store your ice scrapers and extra mittens, and you get more cup holders to hold your coffee or tea. Here are some of our favorites!

Texas SaddleBags TSI Bench Seat-Mounted Console

Texas SaddleBags is one of our favorite brands when it comes to console units. The TSI Bench Seat-Mounted Console is compatible with trucks and SUVs that meet fit requirements. If your vehicle has a one-piece bench with a center seatbelt, this center console unit should fit nicely. This particular bench seat console is made to work with full bench seats. Please keep in mind that it will interfere with a factory fold-down armrest and 50/50 split-bench adjustments. If your truck fits the requirements, we highly recommend the TSI Bench Seat-Mounted Console. It is wrapped in padded vinyl for comfortable arm-resting and easy cleaning and is available in black, taupe, or grey. Why do you need a bench seat console you may ask? Because the unit is held in place with the center seatbelt, it is still compatible with floor shifters. You won’t interfere with how you operate your pickup, and you’ll get a spacious inner storage area and two extra cup holders. What’s not to love? Pick up your own bench seat console here: Texas Saddlebags Interior Truck Storage

Husky Liners Gearbox Rear Under-Seat Storage Compartment

Husky Liners is a brand known and loved by truck owners everywhere. Their products are always the best quality and are sure to last for years. If you need more space to store smaller items, Husky’s Under-Seat Storage Compartment is great. This is the perfect option for storing window scrapers for the snow, small tools you use often, or even activities for the kids. The under-seat storage compartment is designed for your specific truck model so the fit is perfect without needing to drill. As with many Husky Liner products, the options for brands, makes, and models are extensive, so this item is available to just about anyone with a pickup. Since the Gearbox lives under the seat, it can be used to keep valuable items out of view. Keep small items from rolling around in the cab of your truck, and keep things safely out of view of thieves. Check out all of our Under Seat Truck Storage Compartments .

WeatherGuard Truck Toolboxes

Now that your cab is organized, we’re going to shift our focus to the bed of your pickup. Investing in a truck toolbox is a great way to keep small tools organized, or hide things you don’t want people to see. We couldn’t pick just one WeatherGuard truck toolbox because they all perform so differently. Any of the products from WeatherGuard will keep your stuff safe. If you’re the handyman type, we’d put money on the fact that you have miscellaneous tools hanging around in your truck at all times. With a truck toolbox, you can look like you have your life in order even when you don’t. The styles available are endless so you can get exactly what you want. Explore all the products here: WeatherGuard Toolboxes and Storage

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