How to Pick the Right Bed Organizer

Top Bed Organizers for Your Truck

If you often carry a lot of cargo in your truck bed, a bed organizer could be perfect for you. Unlike many of the items we discuss, bed organizers are not a single product. Rather, there are several items that collectively help you to organize your truck bed that have become “bed organizers.” These truck bed organizers can be the size of the bed, or as small as a few drawers. The choice is up to you and depends largely on the type of cargo you carry.

What are the Types of Truck Bed Organizers?

Bed organizers come in many shapes, forms, and sizes. You can find drawer storage units that mount to the floor of the bed and fill it up from side to side, or you can purchase individual drawer units that take up far less space. You can find heavy-duty cargo nets to hold your belongings in place, or a simple bar that prevents boxes from sliding. Storage drawer units are hugely popular because they keep smaller items organized. If you’re a handy man who carries tools around, a drawer unit is a perfect choice. You’ll always know exactly where your handheld tools are (provided you put them away correctly). Cargo nets allow you to transport stacks of boxes, luggage bags, and other items that might bounce out of the truck bed while you drive. The nets are secured to your truck to hold the cargo down, and can prevent flyaway belongings on the highway!

You Should Have Some Bed Organizers

Just about any truck owner can benefit from some form of truck bed organizer system. Why? Because if you own a truck you will probably carry something in the bed at some point. With a truck bed organizer, you’ll be ready for anything that’s thrown at you. Your daughter is moving into college? Got it covered. You bought a ton of stuff for your new basement man cave? You’re good to go. You get the picture. Even if it doesn’t seem worth it now, a truck bed organizer will prove to be a good investment down the line. Since you can find organization products in so many styles and sizes, something is bound to fit into your truck and your lifestyle, ready to lend a hand when it’s needed.

Some of Our Favorites

DECKED Truck Bed Storage Drawer System: With a load rating of 2,000 lbs evenly distributed, the DECKED system is a powerhouse and a half. The drawers and storage bins are weatherproof to hold up against wind, rain, sleet, and snow, and installation requires no drilling whatsoever. You can find a customized DECKED Storage Drawer System for your exact make and model so that it fits like a glove. The drawers can hold up to 200 lbs each, so you can easily store just about anything. To protect the floor of your truck bed, you can prep it with a spray-on bed liner or a BedRug Mat. There are so many reasons to get your own DECKED Truck Bed Storage Drawer System. Read more and order yours here: Decked Truck Bed Storage System

UnderCover Swing Case Tool Box: We love this toolbox because it swings for easy access! It’s made of lightweight, high impact, ABS plastic and is weather-resistant. The Swing Case Tool Box is custom fitted to your truck and is available for the right or left side of the truck bed. Inside the tool box is a sliding tool tray that makes keeping small items organized easy. You can swing the tool box out to access it, and then swing it back flush against the side of the truck bed to give yourself more room for cargo. Want some more good news? The Swing Case Tool Box can be used with any UnderCover Tonneau cover, as well as many other tonneau covers on the market today. Check out the finer details and place your order here: Pork Chop Box Swing Case

The Gladiator Truck Bed Cargo Net and Tarp: Looking for a more lightweight option for keeping cargo safe? The Gladiator Cargo Net and Tarp could be just what you need! This net is used across the country because it is the highest rated net on the market. This cargo net is special because it features rip-stop mesh that is smooth to avoid catching on cargo as you load and unload. Even if a hole is made in the net, it will not continue to tear. The Gladiator Cargo Net is made from weatherproof webbing rated at 1,200 lbs. Per inch. Edges are triple-reinforced for durability and strength. There are multiple grommets around the edge of the net so that it can be secured tightly to hold any and all cargo in place. The center of the net features the mesh tarp for added security when carrying smaller items. You can easily install the Gladiator by yourself, and it stores away nicely when it’s not in use. Check it out here:

Cargo Stabilizing Bar: This is the strongest cargo stabilizing bar on the market and it comes from the great company of Heininger. The bar is industrial strength and will easily keep a load contained both on and off the road. The ratcheting handle makes adjustments easy and quick. You can pick up a Cargo Stabilizing Bar for a compact or a full-size pickup.Simply push all of your cargo against the cab in the truck bed, and secure the bar at the other end to hold everything in place. It’s such a simple invention, but it keeps cargo secure at high speeds such as on the highway. If you don’t carry cargo often, pick up a stabilizing bar. They’re especially useful for boxes and large items. Get one for yourself here:

These are just a few of the many bed organizer products we offer at Leonard Truck Accessories. We also have things like stackable drawers, cargo reaching tools, cargo storage bags, and so much more! Find exactly what you need to keep your bed organized. Whether you carry big or small items, bed organizers can help. Shop our selection here:

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