Leonards' Top 5 Truck Accessories to Make Life Easier

In the hustle and bustle of making your truck look freakin’ awesome, we sometimes ignore the truck accessories available to us that would make our lives SO much easier. Today, we want to give a few of these products the credit they deserve. They may not make your pickup look cool, but they take on everyday tasks that would be less convenient without them. Let’s begin, shall we?


This BedSLIDE slide-out cargo tray just turned your your truck bed into a completely accessible storage unit, all while standing on the ground. Removable headrail and side guardrails are included for more security. Start with the base model that holds 1000lbs all the way up to the Heavy Duty 2000lb model. The cargo tray can be locked every 10-12 inches and offers 75% extension. This is a must-have for pickup owners who carry cargo. Don’t waste time climbing into your truck to retrieve cargo that slid forward during the drive; invest in a cargo tray and bring the cargo to you!

No-Drill Laptop Mount

Ram Mounts has created a work desk perfect for anyone who works from their pickup. The no-drill laptop mount will make life so much easier! You won’t have to fumble with your laptop on your lap anymore. It will be able to sit at eye level out of your way so that you can see what you need to see and have your lap and hands free. If you work from the road this is an absolute must-have to keep your life organized (as much as possible). The no-drill laptop mount is available for many makes and models of trucks and will fit just about any laptop you have. It’s perfect for anyone who needs quick access to their computer while on the road.

Go Rhino DOMINATOR D3 Modular Wheel To Wheel Truck Steps

One of the biggest issues with big trucks is that they’re big trucks. If you’re a six-foot-tall dude everything is fine and dandy, but think of the shorter men, your wife, and the kids in your life. Getting into and out of a truck is hard in and of itself when you’re short. Make life easier for everyone with these state-of-the-art truck steps! You can get the Wheel to Wheel Truck Steps for just about any make and model you can think of, so no matter what you drive, your family can climb in and out without getting a running start. When you order these truck steps in black, you’ll get a 5-year warranty, and if you choose the stainless steel option, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty. The textured step pads prevent slipping and won’t crack and fill with water and mud like other brands. What the heck are you waiting for?

Husky Liners Underseat Storage

If you need more space to store smaller items, Husky’s Under-Seat Storage Compartment is great. This is the perfect option for storing window scrapers for the snow, small tools you use often, or even activities for the kids. The under-seat storage compartment is designed for your specific truck model so the fit is perfect without needing to drill. As with many Husky Liner products, the options for brands, makes, and models are extensive, so this item is available to just about anyone with a pickup. Since the Gearbox lives under the seat, it can be used to keep valuable items out of view. Keep small items from rolling around in the cab of your truck, and keep things safely out of view of thieves. Check out all of our Under Seat Truck Storage Compartments .

A Truck Bed Expander - Extender

Have you often run into a situation where you need to move something that’s just too big to fit in your pickup? If you can’t carry it, what will? Enter the Bed Extender. This fantastic creation creates a new tailgate over your new one. In other words, you open your tailgate, then install the bed extender and BOOM your truck bed now has an extra few feet. You can get the bed extender in silver or black to best match your truck. Now you can fit a whole couch in your truck bed. You’re welcome. Top Line’s Fold Down Bed Expander gives you roughly 10 square feet of additional space.

Is your life easier yet? We hope so. If not, it will be as soon as your new truck accessories come in. We have plenty of other great and convenient truck accessories including additional storage, back seat consoles, and storage drawers. Check out our entire selection of truck accessories at .

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