How to Choose Between Fuel Offroad and XD Wheel Series

If you haven’t noticed, wheels are kind of a big deal for us. We’re still so excited that we were able to add so many amazing wheels to our slew of truck accessories. Two of the brands we carry are Fuel Offroad and XD Series. What’s the difference? Let’s find out


Here at Leonard Truck Accessories specifically, we carry 130 Fuel Offroad Wheel options and 84 XD Series Wheels. Clearly, both brands give you plenty to choose from, but Fuel Offroad offers 46 more wheel options than XD Series! In terms of the options themselves, both companies put out incredible products. The wheels from both are bada** and come in a variety of colors and designs so that you can find the option that is right for you and your pickup.


Both XD Series Wheels and Fuel Offroad Wheels are cast from a single piece of aluminum. Aluminum wheels are lightweight compared to other materials, but every bit as durable. Don’t let the brand names deceive you; XD Series can handle serious offroad travel as much as Fuel Offroad Wheels. If you often take to the trails, either wheel brand is a great option for you.


This category is impossible to compare because design preferences is such a subjective matter. We’re not here to cast judgment on either brand, so don’t take any of what we say to heart. What we will say is that both XD Series and Fuel Offroad offer a ton of options to meet the standards of every customer. Both brands have matte black, chrome, bronze, red, and blue wheels up for grabs. They also have interior details that match any truck driver’s vibe.


The Fuel Offroad Wheels Leonard Truck Accessories offer rang in price from $176.00 to $619.00. More expensive wheels are often more detailed as is the case here. I mean, look at the Fuel Chrome and Black Sledge Wheels!

XD Series Wheels are available from $121.95 to $400. You’ll find more affordable options from XD Series, but the quality is still 100% there. These wheels may be less expensive but they don’t mess around.


Luckily for you, just about every set of wheels you purchase through Leonard Truck Accessories comes with a 1-year finish warranty and a limited lifetime structural warranty. Both brands have this warranty because they’re so confident in the quality of their products. The powder coats and chrome elements are guaranteed to stay as pristine as the day you got them for at least one year, but customers regularly go several years without some much as a scratch. Structurally, the XD Series and Fuel Offroad wheels are under a limited lifetime warranty. Not that you’ll need it; these bad boys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Has this article helped you to see the differences and similarities between Fuel Offroad and XD Series Wheels? Both brands have a lot in common where it counts including quality, design choice, and warranty. Of course, there are differences, but either brand would be perfect for your pickup! Check out all of our wheels here:

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