Evolution of the Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are an essential addition to any pickup truck. They protect the assets in the bed of the truck, but more importantly, they make any truck have a little extra style. There are countless different options of tonneau covers ranging from folding, hardcovers, retractable, and countless others. All that being said, every truck has a tonneau cover calling its name.

History of Tonneau Covers

The tonneau cover dates as far back as horse and buggy when they use to throw a tarp over the back of the wagon. Then, later on, pickup trucks came out to replace these horses and buggies. These trucks are made to go off-road and hit those bumps that any average Sudan couldn’t withstand. With all that wear and tear keeping the treasures in the back of your bed wasn’t an easy task. That is when the original tonneau cover was released. That tonneau cover was a tarp, blanket, or whatever you could find lying around your house. As trucks continued to develop into multi-seat options where cargo needed to be better protected, the vinyl tonneau cover was designed.

The Development of the Tonneau Cover

As truck usage kept increasing, the accessories had to keep up with the time. It was no longer just a working man’s vehicle. They made trucks with multi-row seating and created a better selection of designs. This lead to the development of the fiberglass tonneau cover, which at the time was a steeper price. As demand kept growing, they started to add new options for better security and more customization. Today, there are numerous options, and they all make your truck look that much better.

Today’s Tonneau Cover Companies

With the tonneau cover increasing its popularity, competition between companies began to grow. Companies in the early 2000's such as Truxedo , Extang , and BAK , began competing in this space. All these companies are finding their niche in the market varying from hardcover, to softcover, and even those awesome retractable tonneau covers. As these companies continued to increase production value and accommodate the many needs of the market, the quality improved. No longer do you have to put an old dirty tarp over your goods, there is a perfect cover for you.

If you are interested in shopping for a wide variety of tonneau covers, we would recommend going here: Leonard Truck Accessories: Tonneau Covers . One of the companies we would personally recommend is Retrax Tonneau Covers. They have been around since 1996 and take pride in their company's reputation for providing innovative and quality products. Also backed by superior customer service and prompt product availability. For more blogs, check out our articles here: /articles

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