4 Upgrades to Start the New Year

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? You should add deckin’ out your truck to the list. Luckily for you, Leonard Truck Accessories makes it easier than ever to find the most bomba** truck accessories on the market. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing.

XD Series Wheels

Kick off 2020 with some amazing wheels from the XD Series! These wheels are virtually indestructible and just look at the styles! You can look tough with matte black, stand out with chrome, or make a statement with flaming red wheels. When you install XD Series Wheels, you will get the attention of everyone in the area. Do you go offroading? XD Wheels have you covered there as well! On the road or off the grid, your truck will look cooler and perform better with XD Wheels on board. Because we sell aftermarket wheels, you’ll get the best price available and we make it even better with free shipping on most models. Check out all of the designs and styles we have available here: XD Series Wheels

Bull Bars

If you want your truck to ooze bada**ery, a bull bar is the way to go. A bull bar installs to the front bumper of your truck and it is used to a) look cool, b) protect your bumper in the event of an accident, and c) mount lights and winches to. You can find bull bars in black and chrome with a large variety of design options available Police cars and SUVs use a form of a bull bar to protect their front bumpers, so you should too. If you off-road, a bull bar will protect your pickup from any flying/falling rocks, branches, and maybe even wildlife. For truck owners who tend to stick to the paved roads, bull bars are a surefire way to look powerful and intimidating when you’re stuck in traffic, and it can prevent dents and scratches if you get into an accident or are hit in a parking lot. Find a bull bar you love here: Truck Bull Bars

Tonneau Covers

By this point, it can’t possibly be a surprise that we recommend investing in a tonneau cover. We don’t push these things for no reason! Tonneau covers keep your truck bed looking like new and protect cargo from bumpy rides and greedy thieves. We love the freedom that comes with rolling and retractable tonneau covers, and folding options are perfect if you don’t often carry large or awkward cargo. Hard tonneau covers are inherently the most secure and are great for truck owners who are serious about keeping thieves and weather out and cargo in. We carry all the top brands of tonneau covers here at Leonard Truck Accessories, so browse around to find one that works for you. Check them out here: Tonneau Covers

Lift Kits

The final product we’re going to suggest today is lift kits. Have you ever seen a lifted truck and not said something like “wow dude that’s absolutely sick”? We sure haven’t. People love pickups because they are big and powerful, and now they can be even bigger. Leonard Truck Accessories offers a multitude of options so you get the finished look you want. We have all the kits and accessories you need to make your truck large and in charge. If you truly want to make a statement in 2020, a lift kit is an awesome choice. Many of the products we offer are available with free ground shipping. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of our deal?

We wish we could include all of our favorite products here, but no one wants to read a blog that long. For now, these are some of our top picks for deckin’ out a pickup 2020 style. Be sure to see what else Leonard Truck Accessories offers. Until next time, enjoy life with a pickup and some great truck accessories.

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