Top 3 Picks from XD Series Wheels

Here’s to another month, but not just another brand. We’ve drilled down and ironed out the details to bring you our top brand for January. XD Series aftermarket wheels will visually redefine your vehicle. Here’s the rundown on why XD Series Wheels need to be your next investment

XD Red Pike Wheels

The big win for XD Series Wheels is the extensive catalog they offer. There a ton of unique aftermarket wheel styles to choose from XD Wheels alone. If you’re looking to make a statement with your wheels, look no further. Custom wheels are among the first changes that a truck gets. That makes these uniquely styled XD Series Red Pike Wheels all the more valuable. How sick are these? The smooth deep red finish will keep you staring, it’s a good thing you can't see them from the drivers’ seat. With the Red Pike Aftermarket Wheels, you’ll stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. The sleek milled design brings a touch of elegance to the pure bada**ness that is the Pike XD wheel. These wheels are coated in a deep gloss Red protective coating that prevents corrosion and keeps your new XD Series wheels looking great. The Red Pike XD Wheels are one-pice cast from aluminum alloy. This means no rust and no repairs needed. These 4x4 wheels come with a special one-year finish warranty and a limited lifetime structural warranty so there’s no excuse to put off purchasing them. Give your pickup a hot new look with the Red Pike XD wheels today! Get some here: XD Red Pike Wheels

XD Bronze Grenade Offroad Wheels

Another point went to XD Wheels for their practicality. As far as aftermarket wheels go, XD goes further. With simulated bead-lock wheels made from strong alloy, you can use your truck the way it was meant…. offroad. Feast your eye on these aftermarket wheels. XD not only does a great job with their finish and color pairings the robust bronze color really does have a baja feel. The color amazing, but the design is meant to last. Like the Red Pike, these XD Wheels are constructed as a single piece of aluminum alloy. Because aluminum the lighter weight and durability, your truck will perform even better when you decide to put these offroad wheels to the test. Explore woods, fields, trails, and more knowing that your truck is equipped with some of the best offroad wheels on the market. XD Series Wheels continue to impress the pickup truck wheel community with its powerful aesthetic and functional design. Like the Red Pike 4x4 wheels, the Bronze Grenade comes with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a one-year finish warranty. Make your truck more a real truck with some XD Bronze Grenade Offroad Wheels.

XD Chrome Fury Wheels

Our third highlight of the January brand pick is all about the Benjamins. XD Series Wheels have a cost and style that fits every need. The Chrome Fury Wheels are a great example of how XD offers big money looks at a great price. Name a cooler truck wheel than this. We’ll wait. While all of the XD Series Wheels are stunning, the Chrome Fury Wheels just have something special. Maybe it’s the blinding chrome finish or perhaps the awesome and sleek design. Whatever the reason, we can guarantee that installing these wheels on your truck will turn some heads. Like the other products we’ve mentioned, the Chrome Fury XD Wheels are extremely durable but also lightweight. This means that your pickup can look like an absolute beast for years and years to come. Aftermarket wheels are clearly just as nice as Original Equipment Manufacturer wheels. With the guarantees the XD Series Wheels come with, there’s no need to worry about making this investment. Trust us, it’s worth it. Pick up your own Chrome Fury XD Wheels here: XD Chrome Fury Wheels

While we highlighted these three wheels from the XD Series, literally every single option is amazing. None of the XD Series Wheels are boing or underwhelming. Take a look at all of their wheels and try to pick just one. Browse the whole selection of XD aftermarket wheels here: Leonard Truck Accessories is proud to offer XD Wheels to our customers. Be sure to take a look at all of our other accessories while you’re finding new 4x4 wheels. We offer free shipping on most of our products including all wheels! Just one more reason to buy. Happy shopping!

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