What you Need to Know About 5 Star Shine

Why Ordinary Waxes Don't Last

Ordinary car waxes have very little resistance to detergents and are easily washed off with each car wash. When left out in the sun, the exposed surfaces quickly heat up begin breaking down the wax. The wax melts and while in a molten state, dust, industrial fallout, exhaust fumes and any other pollutants floating in the air are absorbed into the now sticky wax. The end result is that the wax traps dirt and pollutants next to the paint surface which is exactly what you don't want!

Each washing further degrades and washes off more of the wax until the paint is totally exposed to ultraviolet and infrared rays, acid rains, pollution, insects, photolysis and other destructive elements. The best known waxes (carnuba) are no match for the degradation of the natural elements and man-made pollutants. Waxes must be constantly applied to maintain a good protection. Depending upon the temperature, waxes will usually endure only for a few weeks !!

What about Silicones?

The use of silicones as used in certain types of liquid polishes are much more durable than wax polishes. Silicones were first introduced in a liquid polish for autos, planes and boats in the mid 1950's. They were easy to apply, had a greater depth of shine and endured many times longer than waxes. Silicones had a lot going for them but they had drawbacks that created nightmares for paint shops. Silicones "crosslink" and drift" onto the painted surfaces and penetrate into the pores of the paint. It is this penetration that has given paint shops so much trouble. Every time the surface is washed, it will drive the silicone deeper into the paint. It will continue to "drift" down into the prior coats and eventually into the body metal. As the silicones penetrate or drift further into the the painted surfaces, they leave the surface exposed to the elements just as waxes do when they melt or are washed off with a detergent.

Once silicones have permeated the paint, the primer and the metal, a painter cannot get his paint to properly adhere. The silicones make the new paint "foam" which causes minute pockets of air in the newly applied paint. This is called "entrapment." As the paint is curing and the solvents are flashing off, the tiny pockets of air will slowly work their way to the surface and create what is called a "pin hole." Sometimes these entrapped air pockets cannot reach the surface before the surface has cured, and they become entrapped. Hence, three months later, the vehicle is left out in the sun and bingo! The air bubble expands from the heat; the paint softens, and out comes the entrapped air..creating more pinholes! Depending upon the quality of the formulation, silicones will hold their protection for approximately 6 to 12 months. Their demise eventually comes from their ability to drift. They will drift all the way to the base metal!

The 5 Star Shine Difference

5 Star Shine is a revolutionary polish that uses high quality and durable acrylic elements. In layman's language the formulae is very expensive, high quality and a superbly engineered product. Each ingredient has its own function and enhances each other in the overall finished product.

The conglomerate is designed to:

Fill the pores with a unique PTFE plasticizer. This will form a barrier that will prevent penetration of any other elements.

The dimethoxysilydimethylaminoethylaminopropyl polymer and methyltrimethoxysilanes allow the total formula to plate, bond and crosslink. This product gives the depth of shine, durability, corrosion protection, spot resistance and excellent detergent resistance.

Phenylpropylsilsesquioxanes is the protector of all the others already in place. It is an acrylic which when fully cured, is a hard durable, antistatic, transparent, protective layer and gloss enhancer.

To allow all this to happen a special patented surface preparation is part of the system. In the preparation solution a "cationic" (positive) surfactant is used to purge the pores of the surface to be treated, and magnetically charge the surface in a positive polarity. The pores are cleansed and charged and are ready to receive the unique "anionic" or negatively charged molecules of polytetrafluorothylene. They are pulled into the pores magnetically and held there while all of the protective chemicals have crosslinked, bonded and cured, locking the PTFE into the paint and preventing drifting, fading and degradation of the paint for years to come. Solar heat will expand the PTFE molecules to give even further protection.


The above is a very technical explanation, but in simple terms, waxes do not protect the vehicles finish nor do silicones. The 5 Star Shine patented process is the only system that has been engineered to solve all of the problems and preserve the painted surface for many years to come!

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