Top 3 Towing Accessory Must Haves Picked By Leonard

Trucks are meant for towing. It’s no surprise that many towing accessories have been created over the years to make hauling easier for truck drivers everywhere. While you need some accessories to get anywhere, there are some that make life even easier. Let’s take a look at some that will save you a ton of time and hassle.

An Adjustable Hitch


Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to know that in order to tow anything, you need a hitch on your truck. Don’t just get any hitch, get an adjustable hitch. Investing in one of these will save you a ton of time and will make it easier to tow a variety of things. An adjustable hitch can be moved up or down so you can tow trailers that are short or tall. Along with the adjustable hitch, you can use double tow balls of different sizes. In combination, these two accessories will help you avoid changing your hitch or tow ball every time you have something to haul. Now you can switch from towing a camper to hauling your boat in no time flat. The style of your adjustable hitch is up to you and your needs. Each does a slightly different job and may not be a great fit for you or your truck. Do a bit of research before you purchase and enjoy the easy way to tow. See our adjustable hitches here: Adjustable Trailer Hitches

A Combination or Pintle Hitch


A combination hitch allows you to pull loads that have either a coupler or a drawbar/pintle ring without having to change hitches! If you are a contractor, a tradesman, or a hauler that tows a range of construction equipment, the combination hitch will make your life soooo much easier. Like the adjustable hitch, the combination hitch allows you to tow multiple things without having to swap out the hitch. This can save you not only time but also a lot of headaches. Combination hitches can accommodate a variety of trailer heights and the ball is easy to change. These rugged accessories can haul upwards of 16,000 lbs no problem. Consider all your towing problems solved. Find a combination hitch here: Combination and Pintle Hitches

Backup Camera

Backup camera

Let’s be honest with each other; lining up your hitch to your trailer can be extremely challenging. That’s nothing against you or your mad driving skills, it’s just a fact. To make things easier for yourself, invest in a backup camera. They are portable and wireless so that you can take them with you to hook up when you’re ready to leave wherever you are. Backup cameras make it hassle-free to line up perfectly on the first try. Many are weather-resistant and can last for hours on a single charge. We promise that no one will judge you for using a backup camera. Give it a try and see why we recommend them to our customers. Check them out here: Backup cameras

Did you already have these accessories in your kit? If not, you really should consider purchasing them. Leonard Truck Accessories sells only the best of the best, so you know that any adjustable hitch, combination hitch, or backup camera you purchase will last for years. Save yourself some time this year and shop smarter for your towing accessories. Find more accessories here: Towing Accessories

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