TITAN Fuel Tanks vs. Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks

TITAN Fuel Tanks vs. Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks

There might be times when you need another fuel storage option in addition to your factory fuel tank. An auxiliary fuel tank can provide extra fuel and can even be used to power related machines like generators.

A truck bed fuel tank can be a central component of your vehicle's fueling system, and two brands: TITAN Fuel Tanks and Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks, are two well-known products to choose from. Here, we compare the two options to help you make the best decision for your vehicle.

Price Ranges

Price ranges for both TITAN Fuel Tanks and Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks can vary, especially with regard to the size you're looking for. At Leonard Accessories, TITAN Fuel Tanks can range from under $500 for a small tank for the truck’s wheel well to over $2,000 for a truck bed fuel tank. On the other hand, Transfer Flow tanks can range from around $650 to over $2,400. If you're looking to save some money, you may want to consider TITAN Fuel Tanks as a top option.

Size Options

Both TITAN Fuel Tanks and Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks have various sizing options. For the former, you can find everything from 15-gallon sidekick tanks that you can install in the truck bed above the wheel well to around 60-gallon truck bed tanks. Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks also offer a variety of tank sizes, with options between 40 and 100 gallons. Both provide a good variety of sizes, but if you're looking for a smaller fuel tank, TITAN is a good option. On the other hand, if you need a fuel tank of considerable size, Transfer Flow might be the better choice.


This aspect likely had a reasonably considerable impact on price, especially regarding TITAN Fuel Tanks. This brand's products are made of military-grade cross-linked polyethylene, which is considerably hard plastic. This material is made to hold up in volatile environments and be corrosion-proof. Alternatively, Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks are typically made of aluminized steel. The fuel tank's exterior includes a thin layer of aluminum oxide, and the interior contains a blend of aluminum, silicon, and steel with a steel core. This combination adds to the fuel tank's durability and also helps to prevent corrosion or rust build-up.

Unique Features

TITAN Fuel Tanks come with a lifetime warranty, whereas Transfer Flow Fuel Tanks have a six-year customer warranty. Also, with TITAN Fuel Tanks, depending on the type of fuel tank product you purchase, you may also be able to control how much extra fuel is pumped into your factory fuel tank with the press of a button. TITAN's in-bed fuel tank kit has a controller that allows you to pump a preset amount of fuel into your factory tank. Transfer Flow also has an auxiliary fuel tank with computer-controlled automatic fuel transfers.

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Which Brand is Best?

The best fuel tank brand will specifically depend on what your needs are. For example, if you are price sensitive, TITAN Fuel Tanks are typically a little lower in price compared to Transfer Flow but still offer a quality and heavy-duty product. So, that product option might be the best choice for you. Alternatively, if you're used to working with fuel tanks made of durable materials like aluminum and steel, then the Transfer Flow Fuel Tank models might be a better fit. It all comes down to what your preferences are.

Another crucial aspect to think about is size. TITAN Fuel Trucks truly shines in this area with its range of fuel tank sizes. You can get up to 60 gallons, but if you have a smaller truck bed or even a vehicle that offers limited outside storage, like on a spare tire, the TITAN Fuel Tanks have 15-gallon storage options.

Alternatively, Transfer Flow does offer larger-sized options, with fuel tank products up to 100 gallons. Transfer Flow may be the best choice if a larger fuel tank is needed.

One of the other critical features to think about is the warranty. If this isn't as much of a factor, then Transfer Flow is a solid choice, but if you're looking for more security in this area, then TITAN Fuel Tank's lifetime warranty should put them at the top of your list.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is to establish your needed features and select the brand that checks off most of the boxes on your list.

Selecting the best fuel tank for your truck doesn't have to be a challenge. Leonard Truck Accessories has many options for your truck, specific needs, and budget. We also have many product options within the TITAN and Transfer Flow brands.

So, whether you're looking for a 15-gallon small fuel tank for your truck bed or a computer-controlled fuel tank that can take the guesswork out of filling up your factory fuel tank, we've got you covered!

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