Can A Tonneau Cover Really Save You Gas?

Deciding to buy a tonneau cover for your truck should be based upon three key areas: protecting your cargo, ease of access, and styling. Seeing a gas mileage increase with your stylish new truck bed cover should merely be a bonus. Tonneau cover research on gas mileage savings is almost never ending with new model trucks and different styles of covers debuting each year. In a report given to SEMA about improving aerodynamic characteristics, adding a cover reduces drag by over 11%, which, in-turn, increases fuel mileage. Another article written by Torque News suggests that there are too many variables to accurately calculate mileage increases for each combination of truck and tonneau cover and increases, if any, are minimal.

No wind with tonneau covers
Wind without tonneau covers

Leonard Truck Accessories provides you with an array of tonneau covers and finding one to fit your needs is very simple. Some key components in the tonneau covers we offer include: durability, UV protection, complete cargo security when traveling at highway speeds or on curvy and bumpy back roads. Our truck bed covers also offer protection from many different weather scenarios and theft but still maintain ease of access for you all while providing a stylish look. Our priority is to offer you a tonneau cover that will meet and exceed your needs, backed with a great customer service experience. If you're able to save some gas along the way, that’s just icing on the cake. Contact Leonard Truck Accessories to find a store near you and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with a pain free ordering and installation process.

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