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Unfortunately, humans have yet to find a way to easily remove any and all snow that falls during the winter. Instead, we are stuck shoveling, scraping, plowing, and salting. At least there are brands like SaltDogg who make these tasks suck a little less. Here are three of our favorite time-saving Saltdogg products.

SaltDogg Truck Bed Poly Hopper Salt Spreader

Okay… if you have this salt spreader you must be a firm believer in the saying “go big or go home.” This truck accessory is big, bad, and not to be messed with. The SaltDogg Truck Bed Poly Hopper Salt Spreader can hold up to 2 cubic feet of salt. To be clear, that’s A LOT. You can easily salt your entire neighborhood without needing to fill this sucker up! The good news is, you can control the dispersal of the salt from inside your cab with a remote control. You can set vibration speed, spinner speed, and auger speed. Too much salting? If your auger gets clogged there’s an auto-reverse feature to help free it up. You’ll almost never need to leave your warm cab! Take a look at all the other capabilities the SaltDogg Truck Bed Poly Hopper Salt Spreader offers: SaltDogg Truck Bed Poly Hopper Salt Spreader


SaltDogg Spreader Extender

The SaltDogg Spreader Extender is a small accessory, but it can prevent severe damage to your tailgate. The SaltDogg TGS03 and TGS07 Spreader Extender is necessary to install these Tailgate Spreader on pick-ups with tailgates that have a "spoiler" type lip. It gives more space between the truck and the spreader to prevent the salt from scraping or eroding your truck. Salt is a lot more damaging to pickups than you may think because it contains relatively strong chemicals designed to melt ice. It’s one thing to get pure sand on your truck, it’s a whole other thing to have chemicals collecting on the tailgate. With the SaltDogg Spreader Extender, that’s no longer an issue because the salt is directed away from the back of your truck. You can pick on up here: SaltDogg Spreader Extender

SaltDogg Wintergate Mount

The Wintergate Mount is a must-have for anyone who uses a Saltdogg spreader but still wants access to their tailgate. With the Wintergate Mount, you can swing your entire salt spreader out of the way to give yourself full access to your tailgate and the bed of your truck. When you’re ready to spread salt again, simply reconnect the mount and get going. There’s no reason to give up the use of your truck in favor of winter weather activities. With the Wintergate Mount in your garage and on your pickup, you can help your neighbors prevent ice in their driveway and carry whatever your heart desires in the bed. The Wintergate Mount is compatible with SaltDogg TGS01B and TGS05B Spreaders. Get yours here: SaltDogg Wintergate Mount

Have fun keeping driveways and roads ice-free. Whether you opt to go big or small with your salt spreader, SaltDogg has a product perfect for you. Their brand has been trusted for generations and their products just keep getting better. Order some SaltDogg equipment now so you have it before the next snowstorm! Visit Leoanrd Accessories for more available snow removal equipment from Buyers Products .

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