Top 5 Truck Bed Liners

25th Feb 2021

How Leonard Determined These are the Top 5 Bed Liners

A bed liner is the perfect truck accessory for keeping your pickup looking and performing like new. Bed liners protect the bed from cargo that you carry, as well as any harsh weather conditions you might run into. We have put together this list of five of our favorite options to make hunting for a truck bed easier for you. You’re welcome.

BedRug Complete Truck Bed Liner

As you may imagine from the name, the BedRug Complete Truck Bed Liner will protect every inch of your truck bed. The BedRug uses closed-cell foam which will not ruin the finish of your truck. Every BedRug Complete Liner is custom-molded to fit your make and model so that it fits perfectly. The foam cannot absorb any liquid, so gas, acid, chemicals, and other fluids will not damage it at all. Any spills can be cleaned up with soap and water. The polyester carpet of the BedRug Complete Liner is US Marine-grade certified waterproof so you genuinely don’t have to worry about any cargo ruining your it. Because the foam and carpet travel all the way up the sides, cargo and your truck will be protected against dings and dents.

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BedRug Truck Bed Mat

BedRug is at it again! The Truck Bed Mat is perfect for pickup owners who want to protect their truck and their cargo from scrapes and dents. The BedRug Bed Mat is made of the same Marine-grade carpet and foam to provide maximum protection. This is a perfect option for unpainted truck beds, beds with drop-in or spray-on liners, and any pickup that often carries cargo. The Bed Mat is available for many makes and models and promises a perfect fit for your pickup. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

DualLiner Custom Fit Bed Liner

DualLiner Custom Fit Bed Liners are easy to install and have one of the best non-skid surfaces available. The Custom Bed Liner is perfect for any truck, and is available for many makes and models. The rubberized surface keeps cargo in place but still allows the driver to slide whatever it is into and out of the bed. Protect your cargo and protect your truck with a DualLiner Custom Fit Bed Liner.

Portable Truck Bed Liner

The portable truck bed liner is ideal for truck owners who don’t carry too much in their truck bed. It also makes it easier to dispose of things like lawn clippings, leaves, etc. Many hunters love the portable truck liner because it prevents the need for cleanup. The liner is UV protected and tear-resistant and can be buckled in place to prevent it from flying around during the drive. The Portable Truck Bed Liner is really great just to keep in your pickup. You never know when something messy will need to be carried, and when the time comes, your truck won’t have to suffer.

WeatherTech Bed Mat

Last but not least, we have the WeatherTech Bed Mat. This mat is custom fit to your make and model for a seamless finish. The mat is made of 100% recyclable and odorless thermoplastic elastomer. The material protects against scratches and dings for both the cargo and your truck while making it easier to load and unload. The WeatherTech Bed Mat is UV resistant and flexible. You can wash it down with soap and water and it’s easy to remove and return to the truck.

Don’t keep driving your truck unprotected. Anyone who carries any type of cargo can benefit from a bed liner or mat. Keep your pickup and the items you carry safe and sound without a single dent. Leonard Truck Accessories has plenty to choose from, so check them out:  Bed Liners and Mats. We look forward to your order!

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