4 Reasons to Get a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

here are many benefits of installing a tonneau cover on your truck. From protecting your pickup to preventing theft and everything in between, a tonneau cover is right for any truck. If you don’t already have a tonneau cover, keep reading and you’ll be asking yourself why the h*ll you don’t.

1. Protection For Your Truck Bed


Most trucks have been built to handle life on and off the roads. No matter where you drive your truck, you are going to run into dirt, leaves, rain, snow, and other types of messes. A tonneau cover protects the bed of your truck by keeping these things out of it. Any type of tonneau cover ( folding, retractable, roll-up, etc.) work, it’s all up to personal preference. Not only will dirt and debris damage the floor of your truck bed, but it can also make it impossible to use the bed to transport anything. If you have all the fixings to an awesome party to move, you certainly don’t want everything sitting in a wet, dirty truck bed, right? What’s the best part? You can skip the embarrassment of having a filthy truck. No mess equals no stress and no extra cleanings necessary. If you want to prove that you’re a true truck owner, invest in a tonneau cover.

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2. A More Secure Way of Transporting Items


Trucks are great because the beds are large and let you transport things you couldn’t dream of getting in a car. However, when the time comes to pack up smaller items, the large cargo space can be more harmful than helpful. You never know when you’ll hit a bump in the road and have something jostled out of your truck. With a tonneau cover securely closed, you can be sure that all of your cargo survives the trip - on or off road.

3. Avoid Theft

It isn’t a rare sight to see trucks in parking lots with their beds full of cargo. Unfortunately, this can be an invitation for a**holes to get to work. If you want to confidently leave your truck in public lots, invest in a tonneau cover! These covers serve a two-fold purpose; taking away the temptation for thieves, and preventing them from actually stealing things. Some tonneau covers can be locked or are locked in place. However, even if yours does not lock, it’s much more noticeable for a thief to undo a cover and then take things than it is with an open bed. Simply having a tonneau cover is a deterrent and can keep your cargo safe. If nothing else, having to bypass the tonneau cover will give you time to notice what’s happening and handle the situation as you see fit. If you’re in the market for a locking cover, check out the: Sportwrap Painted To Match Your Truck Fiberglass Tonneau Cover.

4. Improved Gas Mileage

tonneau Truck beds create a lot of drag that causes your truck to burn more fuel. This means you have to pay more for gas and fill up more frequently. No one wants that! Tonneau covers can improve your gas mileage by making your truck more aerodynamic. The design of tonneau covers (for all types) creates a more streamlined vehicle with no open bed to trap air and create drag. In no time, a tonneau cover will pay for itself by saving you gas money with every trip. We all know there are better uses for that cash, so what are you waiting for? Check out our article that covers the great tonneau cover fuel mileage debate a little better.

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