Why Pick a JOBOX, UWS, or Weatherguard Toolbox

Pickup trucks have long been a favorite for working men and women. Between the towing capabilities, all-terrain driving, and spacious beds, trucks are great for people in many professions, as well as DIY lovers, travelers, and adventurers. A truck bed toolbox is a great addition to any truck and can help keep tools, emergency kits, and other small items organized and where they belong. Here are some of our top picks for toolboxes!

JOBOX Toolbox

JOBOX toolboxes are as well-known in the pickup community as truck brands are themselves. These heavy-duty toolboxes don’t mess around. Not only are they spacious, but they are also very weather-resistant and secure. JOBOX has products with top lids, side compartments, multiple doors, and more so they’re perfect for any type of truck owner. For you guys who are always working, we recommend the JOBOX Deep Single Lid Aluminum Trunk to keep your life in order.

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UWS Toolbox

UWS is known for its rugged design and long-lasting toolboxes. The company makes toolboxes to fit all trucks so you can be sure to find exactly what you need. UWS also offers a wide selection of styles and colors to really make your ride stand out in a crowd. With innovative technology in every toolbox, UWS can guarantee dust, dirt, water, and more stay out. Our top pick from this brand is the Matte Black Powder Coat Secure Lock Low Profile Crossover Toolbox. This toolbox is lined with BedRug brand liner and includes compartments for screwdrivers and other smaller tools. It is spacious and sleek with the added benefit of dual-locking handles for maximum security.

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WeatherGuard Toolbox

WeatherGuard is one of the MVPs when it comes to truck toolboxes. All of their products are extremely well-made and are guaranteed to last for years. With so many colors, styles, and sizes available, any truck owner can find a WeatherGuard toolbox for their pickup. WeatherGuard toolboxes come with a limited lifetime warranty and promise to withstand even the strongest weather conditions. Our top pick is the WeatherGuard Single Lid Crossover Standard Width Toolbox. This bad boy is available in four colors and finishes and offers extreme protection with a tamper-resistant, retracting lock. Built for full-size trucks, this is one toolbox you should look into if you want the best of the best.

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