Leonards' Top 3 Must Have Accessories for Winter!

It’s that time of year again - winter. Nothing is easy in the winter. Ice and snow make things pretty challenging, especially driving. If you’re reading this, you must be lucky enough to own an SUV or a truck. For you, driving probably isn’t a problem, but for everyone around you who isn’t so fortunate, snow can quickly prove disastrous. It’s up to you with the powerhouse pickups and super strong SUVs to dig smaller cars out of sticky (or slippery) situations. Here are three of our favorite accessories to help you do just that.

Tonneau Covers

In order to start helping clear out the snow, you’ll need easy access to your tools of the trade. You can easily keep ice scrapers, snow rakes, shovels, sand, and more in the bed of your truck if you have a tonneau cover. A tonneau cover will keep the winter weather out of your truck bed and will protect anything you have stored there. The type of tonneau cover doesn’t really matter in this situation. However, if you plan to transport big pieces of equipment like a snowblower, a rolling or fold-up tonneau cover will be best because you can keep half of the bed covered while the snowblower takes up the other end. Tonneau covers are made from water-resistant/waterproof material specifically to survive in harsh weather conditions. They’re a great investment if you drive around to be someone’s hero and dig them out of several feet of snow. Check out all of the tonneau covers we offer here: Leonard Accessories Truck Tonneau Covers.

SnowSport Plows

Now that you have access to the small tools you need, it’s time to put your pickup to work and plow a path for little cars. Leonard Truck Accessories has all of the plowing equipment you need from plows to hitches to plow accessories. We have a few different SnowSport Plow kits to choose from to accomplish exactly what you want. All of the kits include the plow and the plow frame. If you have an aftermarket or factory installed Class III 2" hitch already, then nothing needs to be added to your existing vehicle for rear mounting. Front mounting would require a vehicle-specific front hitch receiver that we also have conveniently available on our site. SnowSport Plows are lightweight enough for a single person to install it easily. Purchasing a SnowSport Plow is a great choice for home-grown knights in shining armor trying to free the neighborhood from their snow prisons because they are much lighter than other plows on the market. Trucks and SUVs are undoubtedly rugged, but many plows are designed for commercial vehicles that can support a lot more weight. The lightweight aluminum SnowSport Plows are a perfect alternative that is just as effective. Check them out here: Leonard Accessories SnowSport

SaltDogg Spreaders

Once the snow is cleared, it’s time to prevent ice and keep the roads and driveways safe for everyone. That job just got a whole lot easier with SaltDogg spreaders. There’s no reason to get out of your warm truck to spread salt by hand. A SaltDogg spreader can do the same amount of work in a fraction of the time. If you help to salt large areas, there’s a SaltDogg spreader than can hold 2 cubic feet of salt. If you’re looking for something smaller, SaltDogg has that too. This brand is so dedicated to snow safety that they also have accessories for their spreaders. You can get a Wintergate to allow you access to your tailgate, a spreader extender to keep salt off your truck or SUV, and more. Keep your family and friends safe from ice this winter with a SaltDogg spreader .

We hope you have some new products to add to your cart before the next snowstorm hits. We have truck and SUV accessories perfect for winter conditions that aren’t mentioned in this article but that are definitely worth looking at. You can find everything you need to get through winter on our site here:  Leonard Accessories

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