Truck Care Tips for your Vehicle

Summer is just around the corner. As the days get warmer and longer, it's important to take care of your pickup truck. Hot weather can cause plenty of issues, so it's wise to prevent them before they occur. Today, we'll tell you some of the exterior truck care tips that we swear by in the summer. Of course, truck care is important all year round, but summer is a great time to drive around and show off your pickup. If you're going to do that, your truck has to perform great and look even better. Let's get into it.

Give It a Deep Clean At the Start of the Season

We all know that winter can totally destroy the exterior of a truck. Salt, sand, mud, and ice all wreak havoc on your truck's finish and can even scrape some of the paint off. After months of toughing it through the winter weather, it's time to give your pickup the spa day it deserves. We recommend giving your pickup an all-over clean before the warmest time of year hits. To truly clean your car, we suggest you start with a solid rinse. You may think you have scratches in the paint that are actually just lines of dirt. Once your pickup is rinsed down, grab yourself a basket of water with some vehicle soap mixed in. It's crucial to use vehicle soap or vehicle-safe alternatives or you can risk removing the finish or paint from your pickup. Talk about counterintuitive cleaning. Since pickups are so tall, you'll benefit from investing in a truck-cleaning mop/brush. They make it super easy to clean the top of the cab without having to get a ladder or climb on your truck. They also hold soap very well so you get a nice scrub all over. Don't forget to clean the wheel wells, wheels/rims, and the truck bed. Rinse down your pickup thoroughly and park it in the sun to dry. Use window cleaner on all windows, and scrub your headlights til they sparkle! Avoid covering your truck bed until it's completely dry to avoid mold, rust, and corrosion.

Wax On, Rain Off

Once you have a sparkling clean pickup, you'll want to seal in the shine with a hearty coat of wax. There are plenty of at-home waxes you can pick up. Invest in a handheld buffer to make the job easier. If you're not afraid of using a little elbow grease, most waxes can also be applied with a rag. Over the last several years, companies have come out with waxes that require just one coat and won't streak. While the quality of these wax jobs won't be top-notch, it will help to seal in the shine and keep rain, pollen, and bugs away. For all you die-hards out there, go old school and find some professional-grade wax that requires several coats of buffing and polishing. It takes more time to finish, but the results will be flawless and will last you for months.

Keep Your Truck Covered When Possible

The harsh summer sun can be harmful to your pickup. Sun damage is quite common in the automotive industry, and it can cause fading, chipping, and more. It's always a good idea to do everything in your power to keep your truck covered. Park in your garage when you can or find a parking spot that's in the shade. There are even truck covers that you can stretch over your entire pickup when you aren't using it. Generally speaking, keeping your truck out of open spaces is a good practice anyway. When your pickup is covered or inside a garage, it is much less likely to get dirty. You just spent all that time washing and waxing your pickup, so try to preserve it as much as you can. Parking in the shade will prevent sun damage, and it can protect and preserve your tires. Think about how hot the blacktop can get in the summer. Tires are strong, but even the toughest rubber can succumb to heat at some point. To make a long story short, keep your pickup out of direct sunlight however you can. Cover it, park it in a garage, or find some shade. You'll thank us later when your paint job looks as bright as the day you got it!

Check Everything You Can Check By Yourself

It's always a wise idea to pop open the hood and do a bit of investigating when the seasons change. There are plenty of "repairs" you can make by yourself for a fraction of the cost of taking your pickup into a shop. Check all of your fluids including coolant, wiper fluid, brake fluid, etc. If they need a refill, pick some up at an auto supply store or from the internet and get to it! You should also check your oil. While it's easier to get an oil change done by a professional, you can save hundreds by doing it yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online, or you can phone a friend who has the skill in their back pocket. Other things you can check are the air filter, lights, and belts. It's much cheaper to notice issues early on, trust us. Doing some of this routine maintenance at home is a great way to ensure your truck is in top condition with the added bonus of saving yourself potentially thousands of dollars. Always be sure to check your tire pressure and the condition of your tires, especially after driving on winter roads. Unless of course, you use snow tires. In which case, now is the time to switch back to normal tires.


How many of these tips do you already follow? Our team has quite a bit of truck experience under our belt, so we've learned a thing or two over the years about maintaining your pickup properly. Leonard Truck Accessories has quite a few cleaning essentials if you're looking for them. Be sure to browse our site for accessories that make keeping your truck clean easier than ever including tonneau covers, seat covers, floor mats, and more! For cleaning kits and tools, visit: Cleaning Supplies.

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