Truck Leveling Kits VS Aftermarket Truck Lift Kits

How to Pick Between a Lift Kit or Leveling Kit

Adding lift kits or leveling kits are among the top 5 new truck mods. Are you looking for a cost effective way to get the front of your truck leveled for slightly larger tires? Or do you want to go all out with an aftermarket truck lift? Whether you're on the street, off-roading, driving in snow, or Overlanding, we'll help you make a perfect choice below!

Leveling Kits

If your goal is to eliminate rake and/or fit slightly larger tires then a basic leveling kit will work great. Basic leveling kits are cost-effective, functional, and get the job done. There are a few types of leveling kits to choose from including blocks, strut spacers, lifted struts, coil spacers, and lift springs.

Each of these have specific applications they work best for. For example, most newer trucks use a strut assembly. A strut spacer extends the factory strut and is fine for mild off-roading. If you're going to be hitting the trails a little harder, get a leveling kit that uses longer struts instead of a spacer. Check out our table below for some quick "need to knows" on leveling kits.

Leveling Kits: Need to Know

Does it eliminate rake?

Leveling kits come in sizes between 1-4". This will in most cases eliminate rake.

Can I fit larger tires?

Yes! A leveling kit can give you room to increase tire size.

Do I have to cut anything?

In most cases leveling kits require no cutting.

How much do leveling kits cost?

Starting around $50 leveling kits are often less expensive than lift kits.

Will leveling affect my trucks ride?

Depending on the size of the leveling kit, there is often little noticeable change.

Where can buy a leveling kit?

Leveling kits can be purchased online at Leonards Accessories Website

Where can I get a leveling kit installed?

Most leveling kits can be installed at home with common mechanics tools. However you can visit any one of Leonards' 55+ stores to have it done.

Lift Kits

Lifting your truck is a better option if you're a serious offroader or want a better ride relative to height. There are lift kits available from 4-12inches and more. Lift kits totally change your truck suspension. New cross members, steering knuckles, differential drop brackets, and more totally change your offroading ability. Many lift kits also include extended struts or control arms too!

These extra parts allow for much larger tires that further increase ground clearance. If you want to take offroading to the max a lift kit might be just what you need. Check out our table below for some quick "need to knows" on lift kits.

Lift Kits: Need to Know

Can I fit larger tires?

Yes! A lift kit lets you mount much larger tires. Typically 35+ inches.

Do I have to cut anything?

Most lift kits require cutting due to the great increase in height and robust set of parts included.

How much do leveling kits cost?

Lift kits are more expensive than leveling kits in most cases typically Ranging from around $800-$1500. Specialized Lift kits with coilovers and other options can surpass $3,000 easily.

Will a lift kit affect my trucks ride?

Relative to the increase of height, the special parts included in a lift kit dramtically decrease the impact on ride quality.

Where can buy a lift kit?

Lift kits can be purchased online at Leonards Accessories - Lift Kits

Where can I get a lift kit installed?

Lift kits are recommended to be installed professionally or by someone with plenty of mechanical experience. You can visit any one of Leonards' 55+ stores to have it done.

If you're asking "which one do I need?" Read More Below

Are you going off-roading or are you a pavement princess? If 80% is highway use then the leveling kit is probably the way to go.

If you plan on using 33" or smaller tires with a mild offset then a leveling kit is a great option for you Wheels with an extreme offset like a -44 offset require more clearance and even on a 33" tire you should consider a lift kit.

Please note that with any suspension modification that it is highly recommended that you get an alignment.

There are many truck models available and each have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to tire, wheel, and lift combos. Just be sure to check back for vehicle-specific articles and do your research! Each Wheel and Lift listing on Leonard Accessories includes valuable specifications and measurements to help you make your dream truck come true.

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