How to Pick the Best Truck Rack for Your Needs

Ever look at a truck and think “That’s a nice rack you’ve got there?” We have good news; you can get those racks for your own pickup! Some people get racks just because they look cool, but they all have unique purposes. To find out what rack is best for a job, keep on reading.

Ladder Racks

As one would imagine, ladder racks are used to carry ladders. These racks are useful if your job frequently requires transporting a ladder. It’s unsafe to just toss a ladder in the bed of your truck and hope for the best, and tying it down in the bed can be really challenging. Besides, who wants to hear a metal ladder bouncing around as you drive? A ladder rack keeps your ladders securely on the top of the cab and over the bed. Ladders won’t move around or slide off the truck, and you free up your truck bed for other important tools of the trade. There are quite a few styles of ladder racks to choose from based on your model of pickup, the height of the ladders, and how you want them stored while you drive. Take a look at the ladder racks Leonard Truck Accessories offers here: Ladder Racks for Trucks

Headache Rack

A surprising number of people don’t actually know what a headache rack is for. They are pretty handy racks to have, and they even offer added safety! Headache racks are mounted in the bed just behind the cab. They can then be used to tie down cargo in the bed to keep it from sliding around on your journey. Headache racks also protect the passengers in the pickup from flying cargo. Trucks have a large rear cab window so that drivers can see behind them. If you were to get into an accident or stop short, cargo could be launched through this rear window and hit the passengers. Picture that scene in Final Destination where the logs fly through the windshield, just flip it so something crashes through the back window. No one wants to risk that right? That’s where headache racks come in. They also look really cool and can prevent break-ins through the back window. Really, the number of uses for headache racks make them worth the investment, so get one today! Shop here: Headache Racks

Hitch Rack

Hitch racks come in a few forms. You can get a basket-type rack or a bike rack, both of which attach to the hitch. We don’t think that bike racks need any explaining, but some people are unfamiliar with the cargo rack option. The “basket” can have tall sides or just a small lip depending on what you typically carry. The taller sides are great for carrying luggage, beach chairs, or other big items that you want to keep secure. The tall sides will prevent them from falling out on the trip, and you only have to worry about tying down the top rather than all four sides. The shorter racks are good for cargo that doesn’t fit in the bed and is easy to tie down. You will need to tie down any items you put in this type of hitch rack to prevent them from falling when you hit a bump. Really, both styles of racks can be used for just about any cargo as long as you can secure them with straps, ropes, or bungee cords. Take a look at the hitch racks we carry here : Hitch Racks

Roof Racks

Last but not least, let’s discuss normal, no-gimmick roof racks. Typically, these are just a set of two or three poles that go across the cab’s roof. They are super versatile for what they are. You can use roof racks to tie down canoes, surfboards, mattresses, and other large things that don’t fit in the bed of your truck. There are also some more involved types of roof racks like cargo baskets to keep things secure. Roof racks are great if you carry large items only occasionally because they are not in the way at all but are there when you need them. Most roof racks are very simple to install, even if you’ve never done it before. Pick some up here: Roof Racks and Baskets

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of racks you can get for your truck, are you going to consider investing in any of them? Racks can make your life much easier, particularly when you carry larger cargo. Leonard Truck Accessories provides you with a wide selection of affordable racks with free shipping for many items. We love to help truck owners make their pickups look awesome, and racks are a simple way to do it. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a nice rack? Visit Leonad Accessories to see everything we have to offer.

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