Truck Bed and Tailgate Extenders

If your hauling needs have changed, you don't have to buy a new truck to meet them. Tailgate extenders are a safe and inexpensive way to temporarily increase the cargo area. They can be used on compact, midsize, or full-size trucks to add the space you need for transporting such items as:

  • Lumber
  • Piping
  • Furniture
  • Powersports vehicles
  • Tents

Find heavy-duty truck bed extender models from legendary brands construction professionals trust. Increase truck storage space and haul loads safely and securely. Customized truck bed extenders fit the specs of work vehicles and pickup trucks perfectly, regardless of the size of the truck bed. Browse a variety of high-performance hitch-mounted extenders, tailgate extenders and bed cargo slides.

Benefits of Truck Bed Extenders

The best truck bed extenders make life easier for truck owners. These systems make truck beds more useful and adapt to the needs of different situations. Here are some amazing benefits:

  • Increased storage space: Put simply, extending the truck bed provides more total storage area. Owners get an extra couple of feet beyond the normal size of their truck bed, which can be invaluable for hunting trips, work and play.
  • Extra support: Long work materials can get damaged without proper support. The same goes for surfboards, water skis and other sports equipment. Hitch extenders are a breeze to use and remove, helping when needed without causing problems with tonneau covers or truck toolboxes.
  • Fewer trips: More bed space means fewer trips when hauling branches, wood, shingles or sheet metal. Save time and work smarter instead of harder.
  • Improved load safety: Some drivers try to stack materials on an open tailgate as is, but that’s just asking for trouble. Cage extenders provide strap-down points to protect materials and drivers.

When To Get a Tailgate Extender

Many work professionals use a truck tailgate extender when they need to haul materials that are too long to fit normally in their trucks. For example, metal pipes, lumber, plywood sheets, carpet rolls and other construction materials may not fit in a mid-size truck’s bed.

In these situations, a roof rack on its own just doesn’t provide the support needed for long and heavy items, making a bed extender an ideal option. With work equipment, such as ladders and hoses, there are other truck bed organizer systems for smart storage.

Families can also benefit from truck bed extenders. An extender can help with DIY projects, providing the space needed to bring doors, two-by-fours, stacked sheetrock, and other materials from the home improvement store. Families living in the country can also use a bed extender to haul cut logs.


Tailgate and Bed Extenders for Trucks

An extender is ideal for short-term projects and it folds up in seconds once you're done. Leonard Accessories has many bed extenders from trusted companies, such as AMP Research, TruXedo, and Top Line Manufacturing.

How Truck Bed Extenders Work

To use a truck bed extender, simply open the tailgate until it locks flat and then mount the extender on top using the included hardware. The metal attachment becomes the new tailgate while the original becomes part of the bed. A truck bed extender can add up to two feet of length to support large loads.

There's also the hitch load extender that attaches to the receiver hitch and extends upwards. This adds security for extra-long items that go past the edge even with the tailgate lowered.

Make any Truck Bigger

Truck tailgate extenders come in many shapes and sizes. Curved bed extenders are ideal for motorcycles while classic U-shaped extenders provide the most capacity. There are also adjustable tailgate extenders for a snug payload fit. Some extenders fold down against the tailgate when not in use while others flip up to act as a rear cargo gate. You can even use them with a tonneau cover. All of them are made of weather-resistant metals and composite materials. Enter the year, make, and model of your truck to make sure you get the extender that's the best fit. Visit our truck accessories blog to compare products and learn more about ways to customize a vehicle for work or adventure.

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