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Retrieve cargo from any spot in your truck bed with a truck bed slide system from Leonard Accessories. No matter if you're hauling tools, equipment, camping gear, furniture or anything else, having a fully extending truck bed makes loading and unloading a total breeze. It also provides you with a full extended work surface at the campsite or jobsite, and we all know that will come in handy when you're away from home or the shop. No matter the size of your truck or your personal needs, there's a truck bed cargo slide from Leonard Accessories to make your life a little bit easier.

Finding the right way to handle your truck's cargo often means upgrading to a cargo slide, drawer slide organizer, or a truck bed tray to make it easier to load and unload every time you make a run. If you are considering organizational options like truck bed drawer slides, you have a lot of choices, so the best place to start is by figuring out which features you need.

Best Features of Truck Bed Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are an effective solution to needing an enclosed space but not an enclosed bed, since they lie across the bottom of the bed and slide out to access their contents. They are easy to secure so your belongings are safe, and you can use them as bed toolboxes or for the storage of cargo items that need to be protected from the elements. It's like having the protection of a tonneau cover without the bed space limitations it imposes.

Drawer slides also give you options for organizing contents within the drawers, with models that have compartmentalized slides, multiple or single drawer slide builds, and additional options to suit your unique needs no matter what you are doing.

Are Bed Slides Worth It?

Any truck upgrade worth doing will be an investment, but not every one of them is an investment that every truck owner needs. If you barely use the bed of your truck for storage and you rarely need to transport large items, you may want to prioritize another aftermarket upgrade. On the other hand, if you are looking to secure and organize tools or other items in drawers or you need to easily load and unload the bed frequently, then truck bed cargo slides are incredibly worthwhile. The time and energy you save by simply making cargo easier to load and unload is hard to quantify until you see how much faster your work gets done.

Simple Install Process

Putting in a new truck bed tray takes a little work, but it is not hard. Your new cargo slide should have all the hardware needed to mount it to the bed interior, so you just need the tools to get the job done. Since each build is just a little different, you should consult your manufacturer's installation instructions for the specifics.



You'll be surprised to see exactly how durable and versatile the latest truck bed slide options have become. With capacities up to a ton - yep, we've got options that hold over 2,000 pounds - made of the strongest materials in the industry, you don't have to worry about losing strength or integrity when you choose one of these slides. Have a lot of stuff and want the best in slide-out technologies? Pick up one of our full extension truck bed slides that provides plenty of room for boxes, furniture, tools and so much more. Best-selling brands like CargoGlide, BedSLIDE and Cargo Ease simplify finding the right unit.

The Best Truck Bed Slides for Sale

Features such as powder-coated steel frames, smooth rolling bearings, real plywood decks and multiple locking positions ensure that your slide-out integrates with ease into your daily life. Customize your cargo slide out to your specific truck, cargo and needs with truck bed slide accessories from this selection, including side rail kits, tie-down kits, no-drill installation brackets and side baskets that enhance your organization and cargo capacity. As your choice for the best truck accessories anywhere, Leonard Accessories is happy to help you find the right slide-out unit for your truck.

Truck Bed Slides and Cargo Slides for Popular Models

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Popular Truck Bed Slides and Cargo Slides Brands

BedSLIDE Truck Bed Slides and Cargo Slides | CargoGlide Truck Bed Slides and Cargo Slides | Cargo Ease Truck Bed Slides and Cargo Slides | Highway Products Truck Bed Slides and Cargo Slides | Jotto Cargo Slide Truck Bed Slides and Cargo Slides

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