Aluminum Dog Boxes and Pet Crates for Trucks

The Best Dog Boxes for Pickup Trucks

Whether you work with animals or simply want a safer, more convenient way to transport your furry family member, Leonard Accessories has a great solution for you. These dog transport boxes are designed to help you take your pup with you safely in the bed of your truck or the cargo compartment of your van or SUV. With styles by the top brands in truck accessories, these truck dog crates feature heavy-duty constructions with humane features such as ample vents and contraptions for water.


Note that many states prohibit dogs from being transported unsecured in the bed of a truck, and that's for good reason. Allowing your pup to roam free makes him susceptible to injury from getting tossed around or hit with debris. Of course, curious canines may also be tempted to hop out of a truck at the first sign of something to chase. What's more, many nervous or anxious dogs do not do well when left unsecured in the bed of a truck. However, it is legal, safe and humane to use one of these secured pickup dog boxes to keep your pet secure in transit. Please note two important safety considerations:

  • Do NOT leave your dogs locked in a hot car in these crates!
    These dog crates are NOTdesigned to be mounted to the hitch of a truck or SUV!

Safety and Quality for Long-Lasting Use

Select an aluminum dog box from our store with features that suit your specific needs. Many of these truck bed dog crates feature collapsible designs so that you can use them only when necessary and free up extra space as needed. Locking mechanisms can help keep your pup safe from theft and escape, while rugged diamond plate aluminum keeps him safe from weather and ensures long-term use. With tough construction and the best in safety, these dog boxes for pickup trucks are ideal for working K9s and family pets alike.

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