Outfit your truck with truck bed rail caps and rails from Leonard Accessories. These accessories essentially "cap off" the sides and tailgate of your truck bed, giving it a cool look while making transport easier. A high-quality truck rail cap serves many key purposes. It helps protect the edges of your truck from damage so you can slide cargo right over the side with no issue. Rail truck caps also serve as attachment points that let you easily tie down and secure items to help prevent damage to your truck's finish and to get cargo from point A to point B without incident.

If you're looking for a sleek truck rail that brings that sleek off-roading look, we recommend truck bed rails rather than caps. Best-sellers such as the Go Industries Big Wily Bed Rails top off your truck bed with hefty 18-guage polished stainless steel tubing for a rugged, badass look. We also have black bed rail bars in a similar style if you're seeking a truck rail option to match your existing trim. For a streamlined look that doesn't compromise the silhouette of your pickup truck, grab one of our low-profile truck bed rail caps that protects your truck from dings and scratches without changing the overall aesthetic.

Shop High-Quality Universal Truck Rails

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need custom-made truck bed rails to get the perfect fit for your vehicle. When you buy from Leonard Accessories, you supply us with the year, make, and model of your vehicle and we ensure that you get the right accessories for your specific truck. Each and every one of our truck bed rail accessories comes with a fitment guarantee, so you know it'll fit like a glove no matter what you drive. Whether you're looking for chrome rails for your pickup truck or a low-profile option that looks like it came that way, Leonard Accessories has exactly what you need in this selection of truck bed rails and caps.

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