Truck Tailgates & Tailgate Replacements: Louvered, Vented, Fifth Wheel


Your truck's tailgate is essential to keeping your cargo secure and making loading and unloading easier. But the standard tailgate isn't always the best option for your specific needs, which is why investing in a replacement tailgate is often worth your while. Leonard Accessories is your resource for the best aftermarket tailgates, including louvered, vented, and fifth wheel tailgates that enhance convenience and functionality of your truck. Shop styles by the best brands in the business to ensure long-lasting performance for many miles of use.

Different Types of Truck Tailgates

The Leonard team is here to help you find an aftermarket tailgate that suits your specific needs, no matter if you use your truck as your work hauler or daily grocery-getter. We have both hard and soft tailgates with various features to accommodate your specific usage and cargo needs. Which style is best for you? Select from our great variety of louvered tailgates if you prefer the louvered or vented style. Vented tailgates are best for those who need improved airflow and visibility with ease of hitching and they may help increase gas mileage as well.

Need to haul a trailer with your truck? Many of these versatile replacement tailgates can be fitted with a tailgate insert for when you want to eliminate the louvered design. A variety of privacy accessories help ensure that you get everything you need from your tailgate with no compromises. With excellent prices and a fitment guarantee on every order, there's no reason not to trust Leonard Accessories when you want to upgrade any of your exterior truck accessories.

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