Pickup Truck Roll Bars and Sport Bars

Looking for roll bars for trucks? You came to the right place. As a top supplier of truck parts and accessories, Leonard offers the best selection at price points ideal for every shopper's budget. Shop our inventory of roll bars sourced from respected industry brands such as Go Rhino.

What Does a Truck Roll Bar Do?

So, what is a roll bar and why do you need one? Simply put, roll bars are torsion spring bars that reduce vehicle roll and potential damage to your cab. Roll bars can also stabilize a vehicle as it's making tight turns, potentially reducing the amount of sway you feel in the process. Installed just behind the cab and before the truck bed, they can also prevent cargo from crashing through your rear windshield.

Roll bars are also excellent places for mounting exterior auxiliary lighting. Meanwhile, let's not forget that roll bars also look awesome! Available in a wide range of finishes and designs, they can add unique style to anyone's rig.

Roll Bars Vs Roll Cages

A truck roll bar differs somewhat from a roll cage. By design, roll cages were originally meant to reinforce a vehicle's chassis. Best for certain racing applications, roll cages pair with other safety measures such as harnesses and helmets. Roll cages are also meant to absorb some impact shock in accidents, so they're really only appropriate for professional racing. Roll bars, on the other hand, are meant to provide a bit of protection if your truck should roll over. You may hear roll bars referred to as anti-roll bars.

Leonard Accessories is your top source for roll bars and roll cages plus a vast selection of other exterior accessories. From backup camera systems to hitches and towing gear, we have everything you need to equip your rig for the trails, the road or your everyday demanding jobs. We've proudly supplied truck owners like you for over 50 years, keeping the same committments to quality and service since we opened. Place your order now through our convenient online shopping platform or stop by one of our 51 stores across the US.


The truck roll bars collection at Leonard Accessories elevates your pickup’s illumination. Browse our collection for traditional and sport roll bars for trucks with or without bed covers that are perfect for installing your choice of light bars.

Traditional Truck Roll Bars

Go traditional with the classic look of Go Rhino single, double, or triple bar roll bars for trucks with uncovered beds. These eye-catching truck roll bars provide a sturdy place to mount off-roading lights atop 3-inch heavy-duty modular steel tubes with no exposed welds. Plastic gaskets eliminate metal to metal contact, and you can easily assemble and install these roll bars at home. Choose from three timeless looks:

  • Black powder coat with a 5-year limited warranty
  • Chrome with a 5-year limited warranty
  • Polished stainless steel with a limited lifetime warranty

Covered Truck Bed Sport Bars

To get that impressive look while maintaining the security and convenience of a tonneau cover on your truck bed, sport bars from Go Rhino and Go Industries fit the bill. Browse our collection for light-ready models with pre-drilled holes on the crossbar alongside options with retractable lighting mounts that don’t protrude into your truck bed’s precious cargo space. Retractable models allow control of your lights from inside the cab. A plug-and-play harness connects to an in-cab switch to activate the weatherproof linear actuator, and poof! Your lights disappear into the top light box whenever you need to enter a lower garage, want to keep bugs off your lights, or prefer less noise on a highway.

Rolling with Your Accessories Experts

Leonard Accessories is committed to bringing you a wide selection of truck accessories from all the brand names you know and trust at the best prices possible. Visit any of our retail store locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee for assistance from Your Accessories Experts with installing any truck accessories, from tonneau truck bed covers to tailgate gun storage to custom truck roll bars.

Pickup Truck Roll Bars and Sport Bars for Popular Models

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Popular Pickup Truck Roll Bars and Sport Bars Brands

Go Rhino Pickup Truck Roll Bars and Sport Bars | Go Industries Pickup Truck Roll Bars and Sport Bars

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