Snow and ice may look beautiful, but they're not so pretty when you have places to go. Whether you need to clear your driveway of ice or you're managing a commercial property, salt spreaders are indispensable pieces of equipment. Leonard Accessories offers an extensive selection of tailgate salt spreaders for pickup trucks along with walk-behind models. Choose from respected brands like Buyers, a leading name in salt dispersion products for both residential and commercial use.

How Tailgate Salt Spreaders Work

Salt spreaders work on a very simple principle: gravity. A salt spreader for truck such as the popular SaltDogg series from Buyers can contain large volumes of road salt, which drops onto the ground. Most versions are equipped with rotating disks at the bottom of the hopper: These disks spin the salt out in all directions for full and even coverage.

Are Salt Spreaders Worth It?

If you've shopped for salt spreaders before, you understand how essential this equipment can be. Nothing quite matches the convenience and effortless use of a tailgate salt spreader: Simply drive around the lot or path and the spreader does the work for you. With a few calculated sweeps of the area, you can cover every square inch and melt the slick stuff away. Not only do you get the job done faster, but you also better ensure the safety of patrons and employees.

If you're eying a walk-behind salt spreader, remember that it's as much as valuable piece in your snow and ice removal arsenal. Walking models help you reach places that your truck can't: sidewalks, stairs and other walkways. Slip-and-fall accidents can be worse on these surfaces, so a walking salt spreader can help reduce these incidents on your property.

Leonard has the snow removal accessories you need to make shorter work of your most demanding jobs. While you're here, don't forget to check out our massive inventory of other components and accessories including tires, wheels, racks, tonneau covers, lighting, anti-theft products and more. Place your order online and enjoy the convenience of home shopping. If you prefer up close and personal buying, just visit one of our more than 50 stores across the United States.


Finish your snow clearing job with a salt spreader on the back of your snowplow truck. Once you've cleared the way, keep it from re-freezing with a salt spreader that matches your lot maintenance needs. Leonard Truck Accessories has tailgate-mounted spreaders for homeowners or property managers and bed-mounted hoppers that clear and protect large parking lots. Use one of our spreaders to keep your driveway ice and snow-free after the initial scraping

Salt Spreaders and Hoppers for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | Ford F-250 Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | Toyota Tundra Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | Ram 3500 Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | GMC Sierra 2500 Salt Spreaders and Hoppers

Popular Salt Spreaders and Hoppers Brands

JOBOX Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | Titan Fuel Tanks Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | RDS Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | WeatherGuard Salt Spreaders and Hoppers | Delta Tool Boxes Salt Spreaders and Hoppers

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