Snow Removal Accessories

Whether you love or hate snow, one thing's for certain: It can make things slick and impassable in a hurry. For your driveway, access roads and parking lots, clearing away the white stuff is an absolute must. Leonard Accessories stocks a large selection of snow removal gear. Find your professional plow,ATV plow kit, salt spreaders, mounts and accessories at prices perfect for every truck owner's budget.

Cost of a Snow Plow

How much do snow plow kits cost? The answer depends on the type of plow you buy. A fullsnow plow mount kit can run you anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000. Factors influencing the price include brand name, included equipment and the grade of snow plow you buy.

For frequent snow removal and heavy-duty jobs, a model like WingMan's Commercial Grade Snow Plow Kit may be appropriate. This version comes with a professional hydraulic system, along with a quick link mounting system and an easy-to-use in-cab pistrol grip controller.

If you plan to do light snow removal at home, you could benefit from something like the Detail K2 Homeowner Plow Kit, which prices at around $1,600. It features easy installation plus control lifts, a quick release lever and a plow blade.

How To Mount a Snow Plow

Snow plows mount in one of two spots — the front or the rear. Most times, asnow plow mount will attached onto the front. The mount is typically a metal bar with two specially-shaped end pieces to help hold the plow piece in place. You'll need to hook up your mount to the proper hitch, then attach the plow to that receiver mount. Electrical wiring and hydraulics must be installed according to each manfacturer's directions. Also, check out each plow's specs and make sure to buy the right class hitch for your vehicle.

Whether you're prepping for the white stuff, outfitting for tough jobs or gearing up for weekends on the trails, Leonard Accessories has everything you need to complete your rig. Let's help you turn your vehicle into the machine it was meant to be. Shop online now or visit one of our 51 store locations across the United States.



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