Secure storage is a vital part of firearms ownership, and it is extra important if you are transporting firearms. The best truck bed gun storage and security options depend a lot on whether you have weapons onboard daily or just once in a while, as well as the number and size of them.

Safest Ways To Store Guns in Your Truck

The legal requirements for safe gun storage in a vehicle are just the barest outline of an acceptable approach to security. If you want to make sure your guns are not only secure from theft but also from accidental damage, weathering due to sunlight, and creeping moisture, then you need to consider purpose-built storage. That means looking into a truck bed gun safe, under-seat storage lockers, or other accessories to keep your weapons out of sight and out of the reach of unauthorized users.

When it comes to secure storage that also protects your firearm investment, there are both horizontal and vertical options for truck rifle storage that do a great job. Realistically, though, a horizontal storage option with a low profile and a shape that obscures its purpose is the best choice overall, because it reduces the chances that passers-by will even know you have firearms in your truck.

Features & Options for Firearm Storage

When deciding on the best option for your truck gun storage, there are a few considerations to make. Knowing what you need for space, how often you will transport firearms, and why you have them in the truck are all important considerations, and each have separate ideal solutions.

Day boxes are secure, heavy-duty storage options with compartmentalized storage that allows you to bring out ammunition, firearms, additional barrels and scopes, or even entire self-contained kits in individual firearm cases. It is just a matter of shopping for the compartmental layout and locking features you need, much like it is when you buy truck bed toolboxes.

A step up from that is the truck bed safe, with options for single compartment, drawered layouts, and more. Safes are generally not designed to be removed from the vehicle, but they do come in a variety of sizes and configurations to sort, secure, and store your firearms.


The truck gun storage collection at Leonard Accessories combines security with easy access. Carry your firearms to the shooting range, hunting ground, or law enforcement command center with confidence in any of our high-quality truck rifle storage and gun holder pickup truck options.

Truck Cab Concealed Storage Boxes

Keep your firearm handy but secure in a Console Vault gun safe. These truck cab concealed storage boxes offer a discreet fit in many truck and SUV models, easy DIY installation, and the security of a bank vault while maintaining instant access to your personal protection. Also find discreet truck rifle storage in our Du-Ha under seat options that fasten under the back seat of your truck, leaving plenty of room for all your other gear.

Overhead Gun Holder for Trucks

For the ultimate ease of access, check out our Great Day overhead gun holder pickup truck options. Secure rifles snug against your truck’s headliner while leaving maximum headroom for you and your passenger. This cushioned truck rifle storage option fastens with Velcro straps that adjust to fit a variety of firearms.

Tailgate Gun Storage Options

Hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement, and members of the military attest to the quality and customizability of TruckVault tailgate gun storage. From offset drawer systems to day boxes for ammo, this brand delivers uncompromising American-made craftsmanship, a variety of configurations, and unbeatable security. Also find gun holders for truck beds from Decked and other trusted brands in our collection.

More Leonard Accessories for Trucks

Leonard Accessories is your one-stop destination for tailgate gun storage, fiberglass truck bed covers, auxiliary tanks for diesel fuel, and more truck accessories. Find everything you need to tailor your pickup to your hobbies, your business, or your lifestyle right here, including all the brand names you know and trust. Contact Your Accessories Experts for advice on measuring for a truck bed cover or applying for the best financing options. Visit our retail store locations for expert assistance installing your truck accessories. Leonard takes your truck to the next level!

Secure Gun and Weapon Storage for Popular Models

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Popular Secure Gun and Weapon Storage Brands

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