Aftermarket Suspension Parts for Trucks

One of the great things about trucks and SUVs is how versatile they are. However, the right suspension accessories can make the journey even more exhilarating. Our performance truck suspension parts are a great way to customize a vehicle for when, where, and how you choose to drive it. Aftermarket truck suspension modifications are one of the most popular purchases for DIYers and professionals. We're an authorized distributer of leading performance brands, such as ReadyLift, Rough Country, and Southern Truck - and we love trucks as much as you do.

Your truck's suspension system must be tuned and maintained to deliver the best possible performance on or off the road. When your stock suspension setup doesn't cut it, installing a lift kit can be an excellent solution. Count on Leonard Truck Accessories for an extensive selection of lifting kits for trucks sourced from top brands. We have the gear you need to take your rig to the next level. 

What Suspension Parts You Should Replace

Suspension lifts are popular mods among truck owners. That's no surprise, given all the benefits a lift kit can offer. A lift can increase your ground clearance, allowing you to equip larger tires and putting your vehicle's underbelly farther away from the ground. This also allows you to better navigate obstacles: With a higher stance, you can see the terrain better to avoid them and have plenty of room to pass over them. 

A lift kit extends your suspension system, raising it and your underbody higher off the ground. Depending on the manufacturer and specs, your lift kit will usually contain suspension components such as leaf springs and control arms. These are intended to replace most, if not all, of your existing suspension components. Many versions also include high-performance shocks.

Before installing a lift kit, you should find out if other mods will be needed. You may have to install longer brake lines, for instance. Other possibilities include a new driveshaft or exhaust modifications to accommodate your new suspension setup. 

Best Brands for Suspension Parts

To get the great benefits that come with a suspension lift, you need to find the right lift kit first. Leonard Truck Accessories has what you need to mod suspension for trucks. Our inventory of lift kits and suspension mods includes products from respected brands like ReadyLift, Rough Country and Southern Truck. Each of these brands offers an impressive selection of kits and accessories, ranging from 1,75-inc leveling kits to 7-inch full leveling kits with shocks included. 

Improving your truck's performance, handling, looks and safety requires top-quality components. Whether you're looking for a tonneau cover, a 24 inch lift kit, running boards or anything else to turn your truck into a dream machine, Leonard is the place to shop. 




High-Quality Truck Suspension Upgrades

The suspension and chassis are complex assemblies with a lot of moving parts. That means there are many ways to alter them for performance or style. Some of the most common truck suspension mods include:

  • Suspension Lift Kits: These lift the entire truck off the ground, adding clearance for driving over obstacles and offering a more aggressive look.
  • Rear Block Kits: Adding a truck block kit will just lift the rear higher, which is ideal for towing and heavy hauling.
  • Leveling Kits: These raise the front of the truck to "level" the stance, allowing you to fit larger custom wheels and tires if you don't do much hauling.
  • Truck Shocks: A performance shock absorber will better control the spring movement to make driving smoother even over hills and potholes.
  • Steering Upgrades: You can help your truck turn better by adding aftermarket control arms, idler arms, or tie rods.

Leonard Accessories has suspension parts for every major pickup truck make and model still on the road. Use the drop-down menus above or on the product pages to see if the truck suspension kit you're eyeing fits what you're driving. You can also call or email our experts for advice on what will help your truck's performance. We're #1 in the Southeast and we have the components you need to build your dream truck.

Aftermarket Suspension Parts for Popular Models

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Popular Aftermarket Suspension Parts Brands

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