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All best-selling truck towing equipment from Leonard Accessories boasts lower sticker prices than the other guys. That's because we have 50-plus years of experience as authorized dealers able to negotiate lowest prices every year.

From cargo management to camping with a hammock, hitches and towing equipment provide so many options for a standard truck or vehicle. A hitch cargo carrier significantly improves load management. Also, the right hitch can permit traveling with boats and secondary vehicles.

At Leonard's, we have everything you need to support towing needs and capabilities. From various hitch styles to accessories, you can find anything you need for your tow vehicle and cargo.

Types of Hitches

You can find five essential types of hitches on the market: bumper, weight distribution, 5th wheel, gooseneck, and pintle. Each hitch serves a purpose and likely uses various trailer hitch locks.

A bumper hitch is one that attaches to the existing vehicle receiver hitch. It is also the most common hitch and is also known as a ball mount hitch.

A weight distribution hitch is similar to the bumper or ball mount hitch, but it is primarily used for RVs or travel trailers. The hitch spreads the tongue weight, spreading it across all vehicle axles.

A 5th wheel hitch mounts over the axles and is a heavy-duty system. You install it in the bed of the truck and use a kingpin mechanism for attaching loads.

A gooseneck hitch mounts to the truck bed, like the 5th wheel hitch, directly above or in front of the rear axle. It is a standard hitch for commercial and industrial trailers.

Finally, a pintle hitch is most useful for heavy towing over rough terrain. The hitch is beneficial to the military, industrial, and agricultural sectors.


Additional Towing Equipment to Try

Hitches are not the only interesting or unique items in our towing equipment catalog. You can also try to implement several pieces of equipment to make towing easier. For example, consider adding backup cameras. You can integrate the cameras into the trailer wiring, providing a better view for maneuverability and cargo management. Also, you might consider attachments, such as hoists or brake controllers and manual override buttons.

Are you ready to make the most of your truck's towing capacity? Check out our inventory of towing equipment, including hitches, hoists, and cameras.


We have premium hitches and hitch balls, backup cameras, winches, towing lights and more. We make it easy to shop by price, color, size, and style and brand for your truck and trailer. Replace a part, or add a new towing truck accessory. Shop our towing kits for trucks.

Towing Hitches Made to Last

Find durable truck trailer hitches, truck towing hitch balls and adaptors from Leonard Truck Accessories. We have 5th wheel hitches and more than a dozen other styles for every budget in our collection of adjustable towing hitches. Mounting hardware is included with our classic tow truck hitch from Curt Manufacturing.

Curt Class lll hitches are popular because they can be used on several styles of truck trailers and carriers. Most are bolt-on hitches, which means no welding is required. Or choose a tougher style with a capacity of up to 16,000 lbs.

Hitch Kits and Receivers

For a gooseneck hitch receiver plus everything else you need to get going, we have hitch kits. The gooseneck hitch kit for trucks from Curt Manufacturing includes a gooseneck hitch and installation brackets plus retainer clips to secure bolts. We have Class 2 and Class 5 hitch receivers for towing equipment.

Need a hitch adaptor? We have dual-output connectors with back-up alarms. With a truck-to-trailer connector, a special socket is included for easy connections. Always make sure your hitch equipment and other towing parts match your specific make of truck.

If you don't see your brand listed in the product description that accompanies each of our listed parts, you can contact our in-house experts for assistance. Trust Leonard Truck Accessories for all your truck parts and accessories.

Towing Equipment for Popular Models

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Popular Towing Equipment Brands

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