Truck Winches, Accessories and Mounts

When you think of truck winching, it is likely in the context of flatbed and trailer load security. Here at Leonard's, we know that winches can serve multiple purposes, depending on the type and style of the winch.

Ultimately, a winch is a piece of safety equipment essential in cargo and heavy load management. A winch helps to ensure the stability and security of the cargo and, by doing so, ensures the safety of roadways and other drivers.

Types of Winches

It is not enough to say you need a winch for a truck. We carry several types of winches and knowing the specific type will help narrow down your selection.

Portable winches allow for easy movement from one location to the next. The winches typically come with a set of two screws for easy maneuverability.

Combination winches offer the most versatility for a wide array of cargo. The equipment can allow for straps or wire cables.

Bolt-on winches allow for on-the-fly customization. You can secure them anywhere on the trailer to secure otherwise complex loads.

3-bar winches allow for easy installation and removal of straps. Many professionals prefer these winches in the winter months because of their ease of use.

Cable winches are for wire or cable tie-downs. You may not want these for more delicate loads because the wire can damage some materials.

Lashing winches allow for ratcheting buckles. The design makes quick work of loading and unloading.

Sliding winches secure to a track and allow for easy tie-down operations anywhere along the track. Because the winches move, they allow for optimal tension.

Finally, weld-on winches offer the most strength for cargo management. Many professionals prefer this option over any of the others.


Best Winch Brands

Whether looking for a new winch or winch accessories, we've got you covered. Leonard's carries the best winch brands on the market, from cable to strap, whatever you need. Some of the popular brands we carry include:

  • Superwinch
  • Warn
  • Westin
  • Rough Country
  • Go Rhino

Are you ready to secure your cargo the right way? Check out our catalog of winches and winch accessories. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask for help.

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