Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers

As many fellow truck owners will tell you, nothing quite surpasses the utility ad protection of a tonneau cover. These simple pieces of equipment keep your truck bed and cargo dry while discouraging theft and possibly opening up more cargo space. Check out Leonard Accessories' inventory of tonneau covers from a large range of industry-leading brands: BAK Industries, Bestop, Retrax, Rough Country and more.

Choosing a Truck Bed Cover

With so many types of truck bed covers on the market, how do your select the best one for your rig? A quick review of bed cover styles can help you understand what to look for. Most come in one of three models: soft tri-fold, hard cover and rollup editions.

The hard tonneau cover is one of the most popular varieties on the market. Most versions fold up, allowing you to access your bed's contents easily. One great example is the BAKflip MX4, a top-selling cover that brings together several core features. The MX4 pairs a high-density foam core with scratch-resistant aluminum panels, combining a lightweight construction with durable exteriors. The MX4 also boasts a load rating of up to 400 pounds plus a low-profile construction and built-in channels to route water away from the inside.

A tri fold tonneau cover can also be made from softer materials. Take the Extang Trifecta ALX model, for instance. This cover incorporates heavy-dusty pebble-grained fabric that keeps out dirt, dust, water and the element. Soft roll-up versions come in both hard and soft materials. The Tuxedo Sentry and Sentry CT are hard-cover rollup models made from segmented aluminum slats covered in sturdy vinyl.


Are Tonneau Covers Worth the Cost?

Is a truck bed cover worth the price you pay? Absolutely! The key is choosing a cover that best meets your needs. That's why Leonard Accessories offers a large selection of cargo management products and accessories. With extensive inventories and competitive prices, we're the top destination for truck owners of all stripes: professional tradespeople, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Place your order online for fast and convenient shopping. Alternatively, you can visit one of our 51 stores across the United States.



Leonard Truck Accessories provides you with an array of tonneau covers and finding one to fit your needs is very simple. Some highlights of having a truck tonneau cover include: durability, UV protected and complete cargo security when traveling at highway speeds or on curvy and bumpy back roads. Our covers also offer protection from many different weather scenarios and theft but still maintain ease of access for you all while providing a stylish look. Checkout the different types of Truck Tonneaus below or select from one of our most popular brands: Bak Industries, DiamondBack, Retrax, UndercoverRuggedLiner, or Tonno Pro.  Use our Guide "How To measure Your Truck For a Tonneau Cover" to be sure.

Tonneau Covers Near Me?

Having a hard time finding affordable Tonneau Covers near you? No problem! Get any Truck Tonneau Cover from us and we will ship it to you for free! We also offer the best prices in the industry and knowledgeable sales staff to help you with any questions you may have.

Clearing up the Confusion

Truck Tonneau Covers are called by many names and if you ask five people you would likely get five different answers. The most popular names are tonneau cover or truck bed cover. Others may reference them as just a Bed Cover or Truck Cover and certainly not last on the list but another popular name for a Tonneau is Truck Bed Topper.

Let's not forget common misspellings of the word. Tonno Cover is the most popular way to misspell the word Tonneau Cover and that's mostly due to the popular Tonneau cover manufacturing company Tonno Pro. Other common misspellings include Tunnel Cover or Tonnow Cover. 

Regardless of what you call it or how you spell it your search has brought you here to Leonard Truck Accessories where we offer the most comprehensive list of truck covers manufactured by the best names in the business. Our knowledgable staff members are ready to assist you at any time and make purchasing your truck bed cover a painless process.

Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | Ford F-250 Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | Toyota Tundra Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | Ram 3500 Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | GMC Sierra 2500 Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers

Popular Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers Brands

Bestop Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | ACCESS COVER Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | Pace Edwards Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | Extang Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers | Lund Tonneau Covers & Truck Bed Covers

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