Accessories For Truck Bed Toppers and Camper Shells

Adding a topper to your truck is a great way to enclose the bed so it's protected from the elements and theft. Made with durable floor and roof materials and windows for breathability and visibility, truck caps add a ton of protected cargo space for hauling tools, equipment and supplies year-round. At Leonard, truck caps are one of our specialties, and we'll be glad to do whatever we can to ensure that you find the right one for your truck. As always, you'll get a fitment guarantee to ensure that the product you receive fits like a glove.


Explore Leonard truck covers to find a low-profile, high-rise or mid-rise truck cover for your unique needs. We also have truck camper shells, which typically feature a higher roof design to allow for more overhead space should you decide to use your truck for camping. Choose from covers with the specific features you need, such as slider windows, keyless remote access, dark tinted windows, insulated roofing and more. You'll even find a Leonard camper shell or truck bed with a built-in Thule roof rack system to enhance your cargo loading capacity.

Truck Cap Accessories and Parts

Not only do we offer the right truck bed cap for your specific needs, but we can also help you find the right accessories to get everything installed and operating as it should. For example, you can pick up a brake light module from our store to ensure that your brakes are properly connected to your new truck cap. If you don't see what you're looking for here, be sure to explore our complete variety of truck bed covers or reach out to us for one-on-one advice. Our team of in-house product experts will be glad to help!

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