Smart buys in folding tonneau covers for your truck are at Leonard Accessories. Choose tri-fold hard exterior folding truck bed covers or vinyl folding tonneau covers. We boast lowest prices on top tonneau brands like Tonno Pro, UnderCover and Rugged Liner.

Whether you use your truck for work or play, you need to protect your cargo. Folding tonneau covers are the prime choices for shielding a truck bed from the elements, theft and other hazards that threaten cargo. Leonard Truck Accessories is your source for tri-fold tonneau covers from industry-leading manufacturers such as BAK Industries, Access, TruXedo and Tonno Pro. Shop with confidence and enjoy unmatched savings and convenience from Leonard, We offer you the best possible prices, secure online shopping, free ground shipping and 30-day returns. 

Benefits of Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers

A tri fold pickup bed cover can keep your precious cargo safe. Many products, such as BAK Industries' BAKFlip MX4 cover, incorporate essential design features such as a scratch- and UV-resistant exterior, a tailgate seal and outer water-resistant seals to keep cargo dry. Its integrated buckle system holds the top in place when folded up, providing 100% truck bed access when you need it. The BAKFlip MX4 also pairs sturdy aluminum panels with a premium-density foam core, resulting in a lightweight and durable construction that can handle up to 400 pounds of evenly apportioned weight. Clamp-on installation and automatic latching panels add security and convenience. 

How Do Tri-Fold Bed Covers Work?

Your tri fold tonneau cover works exactly as its name implies. Most consist of a top cover linked to a frame or a system with rails and clamps that hold the cover onto the bed and allow it to fold down or up as you desire. Many versions offer no-drill installation, either bolting or clamping onto the sides of your bed. 

The top of a tri-fold tonneau cover is divided into three sections, This design easily folds down or up, offering coverage for your truck bed plus ease of access for getting to the cargo inside. Whether you choose a vinyl top or a combination of vinyl and aluminum, these covers unfold and lock to provide dependable security for your bed. The top of your cover simply folds back and secures just behind your truck bed with a latch or strap-and-buckle mechanism, depending on the model and manufacturer. 


You won't pay a nickel for shipping on qualifying orders, and we offer fast turnarounds for quicker deliveries. Learn how to lock tonneau covers in place for small or large truck loads.

Tri-Fold Tonneau Styles for Trucks

Tri-fold tonneau covers for trucks allow you to open just one section at a time or all of them to retrieve tools and other supplies from your truck bed. Our tri-fold tonneau folding covers from Tonno Pro are sturdy tear-resistant vinyl covers that arrive fully assembled. Use the snap clips to fasten to your truck in minutes. These are popular with truck brands like Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Dodge and Toyota.

If you prefer a hard cover, save on our economy priced hard-folding tonneau covers by Rugged Liner and other leading makers. Hard-cover Rugged Liner tonneau covers for trucks from Leonard Truck Accessories have tailgate locks for extra security on fully assembled covers made with reinforced fiberglass panels. They have dust seals at the hinges and cab end. Adjustable tie-down buckles secure your hard-cover tri-fold tonneau truck bed cover.

Truck Tonneau Styles

Choose the tonneau cover style you need for your exact needs. We carry popular black canvas tonneau bed covers by Extang made with materials different than Extang's signature vinyl tonneau covers. The high-quality canvas style guards against the elements with the company's trademarked WeatherTuff seals that exceed OEM standards for keeping out dust, wind and rain.

Buy a truck tonneau cover with removable racks when you buy a hard-folding tonneau cover by Bak Industries with an adjustable, removable contractor rack for your pickup truck. The stainless steel rack can carry a 500-pound load that's secured with four included tie-downs. Most tonneau covers offer optional accessories.

Tri Fold Tonneau Covers for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | Ford F-250 Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | Toyota Tundra Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | Ram 3500 Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | GMC Sierra 2500 Tri Fold Tonneau Covers

Popular Tri Fold Tonneau Covers Brands

Extang Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | Bestop Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | Tonno Pro Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | UnderCover Tri Fold Tonneau Covers | Bak Industries Tri Fold Tonneau Covers

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