Fitting your truck bed with a hard cover is an excellent way to get even more out of your load-hauler. Hard tonneau covers are great because they create a secure, locking compartment for your precious cargo but don't compromise your ability to haul large and awkward items. One major benefit of truck hard bed covers over soft styles is that you can use the lid as a platform to carry items on top. Just make sure to check the weight capacity for each hard tonneau cover to make sure it has the strength required to handle your specific load.


The Best Hard Tonneau Covers for Trucks

Hard shell tonneau covers come in a variety of different materials with various methods of access. If you're looking for the most lightweight, fuel efficient material but aren't especially concerned with weight capacity, an ABS or plastic truck bed cover is a great solution. For something more heavy-duty, select an aluminum hard truck bed cover that's thick and strong enough to withstand heavier top loads. Many feature fold-back panels and various access points that allow you to get into the bed of your truck without taking off the entire cover.

Reliable Options by Trusted Brands

At Leonard Accessories, we stock the best truck bed covers from the best brands, with features that make your life a little bit easier. Choose options with durable deadbolt locking systems for the very best in security or opt for one with spoilers and aerodynamic styling to help maximize fuel efficiency. We have hard truck bed covers in a variety of colors and finishes as well as options that come ready to paint to match your vision. Shop best-selling hard shell tonneau covers by DiamondBack, UnderCover and more from Leonard Accessories.


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