Combining the security of a hard truck bed cover with the convenience of a soft design, retractable tonneau covers provide full access to your truck bed in seconds. Unlike roll-up covers, retractable covers generally feature a self-contained retracting system that uses a roller or track design so they open and close with ease whenever you need to access your cargo. When you need to open the bed, you simply press a button and the cover will retract into a low-profile canister at the front of the truck bed. Shop Leonard Accessories to find the perfect retractable tonneau cover for your truck and needs.

Do you want the solid protection of a hard tonneau cover but need the convenient access of a soft truck bed cover? In that case, retractable truck bed covers are the ideal choice for your vehicle. These versatile yet durable covers provide amazing weather protection and make it easy to transport a variety of tools, work items, materials, supplies and other items. At Leonard, you can find dependable retractable covers for a variety of trucks.

Benefits of Retractable Tonneau Covers

How does a retractable truck bed cover work? These covers are installed over the truck bed with rails, similar to how a garage door operates. This means that you can slide the tonneau cover open and closed easily. Here are some of the benefits of this type of cover:

  • Less work: Other tonneau covers may require you to fold, lift or roll up the material when you want to get something out of your truck. Using a retractable cover is practically effortless.
  • Automatic options: Power covers do everything for you. You can open and close the cover with the touch of a button.
  • Versatile access: Just like with a garage door, you can open retractable covers as much or as little as you need. Get access to your entire truck bed or reach in to grab a few tools.
  • Heavy-duty performance: Soft tonneau covers are flexible, too, but they’re not as resistant to impacts or intense weather. On the other hand, truck bed covers retractable models are made of multiple layers that include narrow slats, providing much greater protection.

Our Favorite Retractable Truck Bed Cover Brands

Our large selection of retractable covers makes it easy to find a great fit for your truck, style, budget and work needs. The best retractable tonneau cover is one that supports your lifestyle and lasts ages. Look for these factors:

  • Electric or manual operation
  • Security features
  • Custom colors
  • Materials and frame
  • Price range
  • Options for racks and other upgrades
  • Toolboxes and other storage features

If you’re looking for a premium tonneau cover for your truck, retractable is the way to go. It’s worth investing in the custom features you need from the start, especially if you’re using your truck as a work professional. Find covers from trusted brands right away, including Pace Edwards and Retrax.


Retractable Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Convenience is a given when you select a retractable truck bed cover from Leonard Accessories. Many of them are designed to open and close easily with one hand, so you can quickly grab your stuff without fussing with snaps, straps or springs. Select a power retractable tonneau cover from Leonard Accessories for the best in ease and convenience. Of course, security is also a major selling point of many of these covers. When you need to keep your gear secure, a sliding truck bed cover with a lock can help ensure that no one tampers with your personal items.

Enjoy Total Versatility with a Retractable Cover

The beauty of the tonneau cover is that you can still use your truck to haul large objects as needed. In fact, you may even fit your hard retractable tonneau cover with a rack to stash essential cargo items while keeping the bed safely locked and secured. Be sure to check for rack-compatible tonneau covers and note the weight capacity of each cover before you go loading it up with stuff. You'll also appreciate that these covers can be locked in multiple different positions for your convenience and efficiency.

Don't see what you're looking for? Make sure to explore our complete collection of truck bed covers at Leonard Accessories for more great options.

Retractable Tonneau Covers for Popular Models

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Popular Retractable Tonneau Covers Brands

Pace Edwards Retractable Tonneau Covers | Retrax Retractable Tonneau Covers | Truck Covers USA Retractable Tonneau Covers | Roll N Lock Retractable Tonneau Covers | EGR USA Retractable Tonneau Covers

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