Whether your truck is your adventure hub, mobile workshop or everyday grocery hauler, a tonneau roll-up bed cover can enhance its functionality and security. Designed to seal off the top of your truck bed, tonneau covers are soft, rolling covers that fit perfectly over the back of your truck bed to add an extra layer of security to your belongings. At the same time, they keep your cargo protected from the elements, including rain, wind and snow. A roll-up tonneau cover can even enhance your truck's aerodynamics by reducing drag as you log miles on the highway or back roads. That can translate into better gas mileage, especially if you do a lot of highway and long-distance hauling.

Make life easier on yourself and give your truck incredible style with a high-quality roll up tonneau cover from top brands. Find custom roll-up covers that fit your truck like a glove. At Leonard, we carry the heavy-duty covers that professionals count on day after day. Whether you own a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota or another durable truck, make sure the tonneau cover is just as dependable.

Benefits of Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

Installing a tonneau cover for your truck just makes sense. Whether you work on a construction site every day or use your truck for DIY projects at home, you need a way to keep the items in the truck bed safe from the elements. Roll up truck bed covers combine solid weather protection with incredible convenience:

  • Fuel efficiency: One of the biggest reasons to install a truck bed cover is because it reduces aerodynamic drag when you drive down the highway. This may not seem like a big deal, but the money you save on fuel by boosting your miles-per-gallon performance adds up quickly. Roll-up covers are strong yet lightweight.
  • Speed for loading and unloading: Another advantage of roll up tonneau covers compared to one-piece or folding models is how fast they let you unload cargo. You can easily access your truck bed any time you want.
  • Portability: Unlike some hard tonneau covers, roll-up soft covers are always ready to go. You can keep the truck bed open when you’re hauling construction tools, and then instantly cover the bed if a storm hits.

Our Favorite Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover Brands

The best roll-up tonneau covers depend on your storage needs and budget. You can find amazing brands at incredible prices, including Access Cover, TruXedo, Bestop, Lund Genesis and more. Like all of our gear, these covers are designed with professionals in mind, featuring heavy-duty materials and high-quality construction.

If you’re comparing a soft tonneau cover with folding hard tonneau covers, focus on factors such as durability, price and versatility. Hard covers provide extra weather protection and security, but they also cost more and weigh more. Automatic roll-up designs are impossible to beat when it comes to ease of use and bed storage flexibility.

Find exactly what your truck needs right away.


The Best-Selling Roll-up Truck Bed Covers

Leonard Accessories offers a huge selection of roll-up truck bed covers with a range of features to suit your needs. When it comes to soft truck bed covers, roll-up styles tend to be among the most convenient because they're easy to maneuver and move out of the way when you need fast access to your cargo. Many of these covers roll up to provide 100 percent truck bed access in seconds and remove easily, so they're perfect for drivers who want complete versatility. Choose a roll-up soft tonneau cover from our store if you're looking for an affordable, lightweight option. Hard rolling truck bed covers are also available for those who need extra durability and element protection.

No matter which style you choose, you can count on the best features and highest quality from brands like TruXedo, ACCESS COVER and Extang at Leonard Accessories. Reliability, security and long-term performance are built in thanks to features such as industrial-grade vinyl constructions, locking rails that secure your cargo for the entire length of the truck bed and pressure bonded slats for additional strength. No matter what you plan to haul or where you're headed, there's an option for you in this massive assortment of roll-up truck utility covers.

Roll-Up Tonneau Covers for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | Ford F-250 Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | Toyota Tundra Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | Ram 3500 Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | GMC Sierra 2500 Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

Popular Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Brands

Bestop Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | ACCESS COVER Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | TruXedo Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | Lund Roll-Up Tonneau Covers | Stampede Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

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