Maximize Utility With A Toolbox Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are designed to do one thing: protect your truck bed's contents. They're absolute champs at keeping water, dust and the elements off your cargo. Installing a tonneau cover with toolbox provides even more advantages. With even more storage room and security, a tonneau cover/toolbox combo is an excellent choice for upgrading your truck. Count on Leonard Accessories for competitive prices on tonneau cover/toolbox combos from Truck Covers USA, Access Cover, Extang and other top manufacturers. 

Types of Truck Bed Cover With Toolboxes

The toolbox tonneau cover is the most popular type of toolbox/truck bed cover on the market. This product pairs a retractable bed cover with a heavy-duty toolbox, usually made from galvanized sheet metals such as aluminum. Both toolbox and cover resist water, dust, wear and rust to keep your gear protected season after season. What's more, the toolbox is made water-tight moisture doesn't ruin your important tools. 

Leonard Accessories stocks an extensive selection of truck bed cover/toolbox combos. so it's easy to find a model that meets your needs. Most covers are retractable, but some models offer a little extra. Extang cover/toolbox combos include an EZ-Lock Clamp. By releasing this clamp, you can fold the cover all the way back to your cab. Extang covers are also popular because of their clamp-on installation — no drilling is required. With its aircraft-grade aluminum frames, these covers don't add extra weight to your truck. Thanks to Extang-exclusive features such as double-pivot Max hinges and snap-on seals, you enjoy world-class weather protection.

Select a Tonneau Cover That Works For You

With so many tonneau cover options available, how do you pick one that best meets your needs? The key things to consider are construction, protection and features. A truck bed cover with toolbox gives you two important accessories in one. Even better, installation for both the bed cover and the toolbox is incredibly simple. Already have a toolbox installed? Leonard Accessories also stocks standalone tonneau covers from the same great brands.

With the best products, competitive prices and world-class service, Leonard is your top source for truck parts and gear. Shop our inventory of tonneau cover/toolbox combos now!


Having a tool box in the bed of your truck doesn't mean you can't have a tonneau cover. Available in many great brands like; Truxedo, Extang, Access Cover, BAK Industries and more, the toolbox tonneau cover gives you the best of both world when it comes to storage and protection.

Toolbox Tonneau Covers for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Toolbox Tonneau Covers | Ford F-250 Toolbox Tonneau Covers | Toyota Tundra Toolbox Tonneau Covers | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Toolbox Tonneau Covers | Ram 3500 Toolbox Tonneau Covers | GMC Sierra 2500 Toolbox Tonneau Covers

Popular Toolbox Tonneau Covers Brands

Extang Toolbox Tonneau Covers | Pace Edwards Toolbox Tonneau Covers | STOWE CARGO STYSTEMS Toolbox Tonneau Covers | Truck Covers USA Toolbox Tonneau Covers | TruXedo Toolbox Tonneau Covers

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