Truck Light Bars, LED Light Bars and Mounts

If you’re an off-road enthusiast, installing a truck light bar can enhance your nighttime driving performance and help you navigate safely in bad weather. LED light bars are one of the most popular upgrades for enhancing a ride’s style, letting you customize your truck the way you want. Work trucks are no exception; a light bar can have your back and let you work long into the night.

Benefits of Light Bars

LED light bars can make your driving experience world’s better, giving you the full amount of light you want exactly when you need it. Here are some other benefits:

  • Lighting: LEDs are amazing for illumination, and the more you have, the better you can see in bad weather or nighttime driving conditions. When you’re off-roading, seeing the road ahead of you clearly can be the difference between perfect handling and hitting obstacles.
  • Safety: If you live in the country or like to hunt, the high-powered illumination from light bars can help you detect deer far ahead of time. That way, you avoid unfortunate accidents.
  • Mounting options: There’s more than one type of light rack for truck styles. You can install a large light bar or several auxiliary LED lights, such as fog lights, spotlights and flood lights. This customization is a huge help for construction workers, siding installers and other professionals who use their truck to illuminate their work area after dark.

Last but not least, high-quality light bars are impossible to ignore. They turn heads like few other truck accessories.

LED vs Regular Lights

It’s true that LEDs cost more initially than other types of lighting, but in the long run, they pay off big time. For one thing, they run circles around conventional truck lights when it comes to illumination and longevity. Many LED light bars can last 30,000–50,000 hours without problems.

Another benefit of LEDs is how versatile they are. A single lightbar can combine flood lights, spot lights and other types of lighting.

Find a huge variety of truck LED light bar styles and heavy-duty mounts for your truck. Discover the best brands in aftermarket lighting, including KC, Putco, Buyers Products and Southern Truck.


The LED Light Bar has become the "go-to" add-on for off-road adventure, lighting up a dark country road or - let's be honest now - making your truck, Jeep or SUV look really cool. Choose from dozens of different lengths and outputs.

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