Light bars are a popular aftermarket modification for off-road vehicles, providing a nighttime performance boost and giving trucks incredible style benefits. Auxiliary lights aren’t just for fun, however; many business professionals install light bars so their teams can work long into the night without problems. At Leonard, we have heavy-duty light bar mounts for trucks, SUVs, work vehicles, 4x4s and more.

Best Light Bar Mounts

There is a wide range of light bar mounts to choose from. It’s important to choose hardware that is compatible with a vehicle’s frame and available mounting points. Here are several options:

Roof mounts: Light bar roof mount kits are one of the most common ways to install larger light bars. These kits often have a large, solid piece of metal that acts as a base for LED light boxes or light bars of varying sizes.

Mounting brackets: The list of mounting bracket locations is endless. Depending on the vehicle, it’s possible to install brackets for light bars on the hood, windshield, bumper, fairlead and other locations. Some bracket designs are straight and others curve forward for extra style.

Bull bar mounts: Jeeps and other off-road vehicles with tubular bars can use tubular clamps to connect light mounts to the metal frame. This works for roll bars, front bull bars and aftermarket grilles.

Tips for Mounting Truck Light Bars

One of the most important things you can do for smooth light bar installation is to carefully measure the available space you have. By deciding ahead of time on placement options, you can choose LED light bar mounts that require the least amount of work.

For example, work trucks often have roof racks to handle cargo, carry equipment or strap down ladders. A light rack for truck storage makes it easy to mount a light bar without requiring extensive drilling. This option can secure the light bar to the rack instead of to the vehicle’s roof.

You also need to consider the weight of the light bar you want to install. Longer light bars may need additional mounts or greater weight resistance for a lifetime of performance.

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