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Off-roading is a fun and risky pursuit, but who wants an injury from merely climbing up into a truck cab? Not you. But how do you improve safety without potentially impacting your truck's performance on the trails? Here at Leonard Truck Accessories, we have the perfect answer to that question: nerf bars for trucks. From classic nerf bars to side steps and retractable running boards, we offer a wide range of products from industry-leading manufacturers such as AMP Research, Westin, Aries and CARR. 

Benefits of Nerf Bars

Nerf bars and running boards serve a similar purpose: proving a safer stepping point into your vehicle. However, they accomplish this goal using two different design approaches. Side bars for trucks are sometimes called ""nerf bars,"" pointing back to their origins in racing: ""Nerfing"" allows one car to gently bump another and pass them without causing greater risks to either driver. Today's nerf bars use the same tubular shapes as the originals while adding traction-focused step pads for sure footing as you climb into your truck. 

Our inventory also includes truck step bars, which function a little differently than nerf bars. Step bars' functionality is reflected in their name: They provide a step up into your vehicle. While they're not as wide as nerf bars or running boards, they give you a stable surface for stepping into your truck without slipping. If you're on a limited budget and don't go off-road much, a side step is an affordable way to improve access and safety.

Easy Install Process for Truck Running Boards

Leonard also stocks running boards for trucks in both standard and retractable versions. Standard running boards give you a wide platform for non-slip stepping into your truck. Retractable versions do the same thing, except they also include motorized arms that extend and pull back their running boards whenever you open or close your truck's doors.

Both kinds of running boards are relatively easy to install, but the retractable versions call for a little extra work: You'll need to connect the wiring, mount the control module and hook it up to your battery correctly. 


Truck Steps and Side Bars

Enjoy the convenience of our bumper-mount retractable truck steps by Bestop that stores beneath your rear bumper when not in use. These sturdy truck bed steps can handle up to 300 lbs. of weight. Choose truck side bars designed to handily fit newer truck models. These tube-shaped side bars for trucks by AdvantEdge are available with chrome or black-powder finishes.

We also have full-length sliders with drop-down steps, and smartly designed high-traction retractable truck box-side steps by AMP Research that easily mount on either side behind your truck cab. Shop our line of inexpensive truck step installation hardware.

Running Boards for Trucks

Find discount-priced truck running boards by brands like Westin, Aries and Go Rhino. Consider our truck running boards with all needed brackets included by Iron Cross Automotive. Shop our wheel-to-wheel running board styles by Luverne.

Find running boards with two-level truck side steps. Two-level step running boards for trucks by Aries have a 4-in. running board and a 3-in. running board that drops 8 inches when the door opens. Built-in LED lights activate when you step on the running board for visibility at night or in dark areas.

Truck Nerf Bars and Brackets

Choose from dozens of top brands in nerf bars and nerf bar brackets for trucks at affordable pricing. We have nerf bars sold in pairs as nerf step RS cab-length bars made by N-Fab. Simply order these bars with drop steps by inserting your make, model and year with your order to precisely fit your truck.

See our oval tube drop-step nerf bars by Westin with 4-in. oval upper and 2-in. visible lower oval tube for each drop step nerf bar. No drilling is required for this kit with rocker panel mount included. Choose nerf bar brackets for your nerf bars, and browse our line of nerf bar accessories at Leonard Truck Accessories. We have step board gap strips, end plug kits and mud scrapers.

Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards for Popular Models

Ford F-150 Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | Ford F-250 Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | Toyota Tundra Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | Ram 3500 Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | GMC Sierra 2500 Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Popular Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards Brands

AMP Research Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | ARIES Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | Westin Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | WeatherGuard Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards | Delta Tool Boxes Truck Nerf Bars & Running Boards

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