Truck Bed Steps: Side Steps, Bumper Steps, and Tailgate-Mounted Steps

Make life easier for yourself and your family with high-quality truck bed step options for pickup trucks, Jeeps and vehicles with aftermarket lift kits. Make your work truck safer to use with heavy-duty side steps that give you a hand with loading and unloading tasks. Find easy-to-install and durable steps designed for your specific make, model and lifestyle.

Benefits of Truck Bed Steps

Truck bed steps are quickly becoming an essential part of life for truck owners, from construction workers to everyday families. They provide many practical benefits for safety and convenience:

  • Easier access to your truck bed: Get the things you need without risking falls. Open and close your tonneau cover with minimal hassle.
  • Safer unloading: Forget about having to bend over uncomfortably when you unload work equipment from your truck bed.
  • Better user protection: Protect your knees, lower back, shoulders and neck by lifting items in a comfortable position.
  • Increased work speed: Reach work gear, deliveries and equipment in the back or side of your truck easily. Store groceries and goods in seconds, without having to push everything over the tailgate.

Which Type of Truck Bed Steps Are Best

Truck bed steps for pickups offer many options for design and placement.

  • Retractable ladder: If you have to frequently load heavy items in your truck bed, retractable ladders can provide maximum strength and safety while you work. They usually fold onto the back of the tailgate for storage afterward.
  • Retractable wide step: You can install several of these steps at different points of the truck, making them a great option for work teams.
  • Truck bed side step: Side steps are helpful for grabbing gear off of roof racks or toolboxes as needed.
  • Rear bumper step: Impact-resistant bumper steps act like vehicle bumpers but provide safer grips, larger stepping surfaces and stronger materials for quickly loading and unloading packages and equipment.
  • Tailgate step: For larger equipment, tailgate steps help you climb into the back of your truck comfortably.

The right choice mainly depends on the type of truck you drive and the items you usually load or unload. We offer a huge selection to choose from.


Bed steps make it easier to access your bed mounted crossover or gullwing toolbox. Bed Steps can be purchased for most pickup trucks including Ford F Series, Ram, Sierra or Silverado HD.  They are a great addition to lifted or heavy duty trucks and on some applications can be side or bumper mounted.  Retractable or hoop style models are available.  Have fitment question? Contact Us!

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