Truck Headache Racks and Cab Protectors

The Best Headache Racks and Cab Guards for Pickups

Want a better way to protect your truck's cab, rear window, driver and passengers? Truck headache racks from Leonard Accessories are a great option. A headache rack is a steel, aluminum or carbon steel guard that shields the cab from loose cargo and objects that could fly through the window. Not only do they serve as cab guards, but they can also add functionality with great features like additional lights and components that allow you to better organize cargo, tools and more while working or traveling. On top of that, these racks give your truck a cool, rugged look for off-roading and street cruising alike.


Leonard Accessories has the best cab protectors for pickup trucks of all makes and models, with a fitment guarantee so you get the right one no matter what. Choose from a wide variety of steel and aluminum headache racks from our store, including full mesh styles that won't let even small parts or handles through as well as open rack styles that are ideal for those who tend to transport larger, heavier items such as furniture or appliances. We've even got louvered headache racks with inserts that provide shade in the cabin, keeping your truck cool while shielding the back windows and cab from impact.

Durable Headache Racks for On- and Off-Road Use

Regardless of which style you choose, all of the pickup cab guards from Leonard Accessories are made for rugged performance and long-term use. Grab a guard made with durable military-grade aluminum, fully welded designs, high capacities or coatings that resist chipping, peeling or flaking ensure that you find one that suits the demands and rigors of your lifestyle. Leonard Accessories is proud to offer the best cab guards and racks from Highway Products, WeatherGuard, BACKRACK and more.

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