Roof Racks for Trucks & SUVs

You'll never run out of room for your cargo when you have a truck roof rack. These cargo holders are ideal for when you run out of space in the bed or cab. Your roof will now be a place for luggage, camping supplies, bikes, watercraft, and many other items.

Whether traveling or a hobbyist, a truck roof rack provides a safer, easier way to transport special cargo. These racks are available in a range of sizes and styles to fit your unique needs and vehicle. Determining the best option often depends on what is being hauled.

What Are Roof Racks?

A frequent question asked is, “What is the difference between roof rails and roof racks?” The main difference between the two is direction. Roof rails are often already part of the vehicle, typically running north to south, and are designed to serve as mounting points. A roof rack is an actual carrier that is attached to the vehicle in an east-to-west direction. A rack is designed for heavier loads, making them ideal for camping gear or equipment. Rails are designed for lighter loads and require accessories to ensure safe transit.

Cross bars are another option. These mount to the roof of the vehicle and run the width of it. They are designed to lift gear off the roof and support. These are ideal SUV roof racks for people who frequently need to haul bikes, kayaks or cargo boxes.  

Top Roof Rack Brands

Anytime you make an investment in an aftermarket accessory, it’s important to ask, “Who makes good roof racks?” Luckily, there are leaders in the industry who have a proven record of staying up to date with the latest designs and technologies. For people on a budget, Curt Manufacturing makes universal crossbars that are made with lightweight aluminum. They are designed for easy installation without tools and adjust up to 50 inches to fit SUVs, minivans and cars.

If you are searching for the best roof racks for trucks, the Front Runner Slimline II Bed Rack is a versatile option that mounts based on your specific vehicle. Also made out of aluminum, it is lightweight and allows for up to 660 pounds of gear. Rough Country has a rack option that supports 650 pounds. This kit includes four steel slats and the hardware necessary to bolt into place. When you have a van used for work, TracRac’s TracVan is an aerodynamic, durable rack that makes hauling ladders and other gear safe and easy.


Leonard Accessories has racks for more than just pickup trucks, too. You can get a box truck roof rack for your company vehicle or buy racks to put on SUVs, minivans, and cargo vans. Leonard roof racks are made by leading storage companies, such as Go Rhino, Vantech, TracRac, and Rightline Gear.

Types of Roof Racks

We offer several truck roof rack styles, including:

  • Removable Roof Racks: These involve a series of rails and/or crossbars that are mounted to the roof. Examples include side rail towers, track roof racks, and rain gutter racks.
  • Truck Roof Baskets: A basket-style rack that attaches to the rails and has raised edges to contain items that can't easily be tied down. You will need to secure them with a cargo net or other covering.
  • Cargo Carriers: Enclosed holders that protect items from rain, wind, and other weather hazards.

From there, you can select a variety of add-ons and special features. There are truck roof racks with lights to improve nighttime visibility and cargo extenders to hold even more gear. Check out our roof rack accessories section for mounting plates, access ladders, watercraft holders, hook-and-loop straps, and other ways to carry your belongings securely.

Racks That Fit Your Truck

Shop for both universal truck roof bars and model-specific cargo carriers to fit your truck. The racks are made of premium metals, such as steel and aluminum, which will protect the roof under the heaviest loads. Call or use live chat to speak with a truck accessories expert who will help you find a high-quality truck roof rack system.

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